Buchanan Sports – Intro

Nik Sanchez, March 2021, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Cook to Writer!

By Nik Sanchez

Hey welcome to the sports corner, my name is Nik Sanchez. I currently reside in the “Nicest Place in America” Buchanan, but I am originally from Chicago. I am a huge Chicago sports fan and can appreciate any type of memorabilia involving sports. The teams I support are the Chicago White Sox, the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Blackhawks and of course my beloved Chicago Bears which I will watch for good or bad.

I have a passion for coaching young athletes aspiring to become better or just want to learn a new sport. I plan to further this dream sooner rather than later. I also like to collect vintage toys and build Lego sets from movies I love to watch. My apartment is currently filled with toys and Lego sets I have collected and built over the years. One of my favorite movie franchises is Back to the Future and one of my favorite TV shows is Rick and Morty, both have connections to each other and is another reason why I love them.

In my younger days I played football, basketball, baseball, and even wrestled; these days I like to play disc golf. I plan to accomplish many of my own personal goals while researching and analyzing many stories here in Buchanan. I plan on covering many athletes from all sports in different levels of skill while providing up-to-date inside info provided by interviews I personally conduct. I also plan on researching and covering the sports history of the town, I will write about a few Hall of Fame teams from Buchanan High School as well as people that are Buchanan sports alumni.

I decided to become part of the Buchanan Chronicle because I always have had a passion for writing since high school and almost went to college for journalism, but instead I decided to go to culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu Chicago and graduated with a culinary science degree. Since college ended, I have worked in many kitchens in different states while cooking at some of the busiest hotels in the world. I have also had a fair share of meeting celebrities, so I never shy away from a story too big. I am glad to be a part of a great team, The Buchanan Chronicle.

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