Health Huddle – NP at Redbud Health Services

New Nurse Practitioner at Redbud Health Services

By Teresa Green

Tammie Riess, ANP-BC, CBDCE; now at Redbud Health Services, March 2021, Photo from Redbud Health Services

We are pleased to announce that Tammie Riess, ANP-BC, CBDCE, has agreed to join our Redbud Health Services clinic. Redbud Health Services is located inside Redbud Fitness & Lifestyle Center, 500 E 3rd Street in Buchanan, MI.

Many Buchanan residents have seen Tammie for their health needs when she worked in Buchanan previously with Dr. Brown. Tammie has a love and a commitment to the people of Buchanan and our surrounding communities. Our clinic currently provides outstanding physical therapy and will now be offering Direct Patient Medical Care with Tammie. In the near future, we plan to add another Nurse Practitioner.

We will offer compassionate and affordable healthcare in a clinic where you belong and will be listened to by Tammie. This will lead to more support and health for the public. If you have a doctor, but would like to have a constant contact partner in your health care to help with multiple medications, etc… you may.

Have Redbud Fitness and Lifestyle Center be your one stop shop to lead to a healthy and active life. For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Emily, at the receptionist desk at 269-409-8626 or visit our website at: Welcome Tammie!

Inside Redbud Health Services, March 2021, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt
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