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Sampler Box, Photo submitted by J.KRU Sweets

J.KRU Sweets: A Sweet Business to Sweeten your Easter Baskets!

By Rebecka Hoyt

If you have not heard by now, Buchanan has a chocolate company! Jen & Joe Krueger reopened up their in-home licensed kitchen, J.KRU SWEETS on October 15, 2020. They had previously operated under the Cottage Law from 2017-2019. So, what influenced Jen to start this business? She was an elementary teacher by trade and taught for most of 11 years in Berrien Springs, until their youngest son was born. Jen says, “I then became a stay-at-home mom. Adam is now in kindergarten and after much contemplation, we decided to start this business so I could still be very involved with the 3 kids (field trips, classroom volunteer, school holiday parties, mom taxi, etc.).” Having a business like this in your home can be tricky at times to turn off work and be a family as certain holidays/events make it busier. Jen says, “I try to do as much work as possible when the kids are in school or in bed, but there are many times that we have too many orders, so more hours are needed. We are teaching the kids about a small family business, though, and how everyone helps how they can. Right now the kids are able to help with labeling, preparing bags, etc. And Joe helps with everything other than making the sweets.”

With the type of license that she has, she can sell directly to the consumers, “…but can also sell to businesses as a wholesaler. We are hoping to retail our products in a couple of Buchanan locations within the next few months. We currently have partnerships with Caffe Tosi (St. Joe), Small Town Grounds (Bridgman), Viola Cafe (Three Oaks), Buchanan Floral & Greenhouses, and Deck the Halls (Dowagiac).” states Jen.

Big holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day have been really busy for J.KRU Sweets, so make sure that you order from them as soon as possible. The earlier you order, the better. “But if you have a last minute order, always ask! I might be able to do it. We don’t like to turn anyone away, if possible.” says Jen. All orders are made to order, so they are very fresh when you get them. To place your sweet order, contact them through Facebook (Messenger or when you comment on a post) and also by emailing them at: jkrusweets@gmail.com. They can take cash/check. Find them on Instagram @j.krusweets or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/jkru.sweets and you will see her upcoming and past sweet treats. I guarantee that after seeing these creations, and if you have a chocolate lover in your family/friends/coworker these make great gifts! To receive your order, you will be given their address as it’s right here in Buchanan, for you to pick up. They offered delivery for Valentine’s Day, and will be doing the same next year.

Want to order? You can find their basic menu that is posted on their Facebook page under the MENU tab with prices. Jen says, “If you have an idea that you didn’t see listed, just ask!” They can also take custom orders for ANY occasion, “We love working with families to celebrate special events (birthdays, weddings, showers, graduations), match colors/themes and even birthday treats for classrooms (since we have a licensed kitchen, our treats are allowed in schools during Covid-19 because purchasing from us is the same as purchasing from a store). We are regularly asked to make special treats for teachers and secretaries!” Jen says with excitement. Hmm, sounds like some good gift ideas to me!

Hot Chocolate Bomb, Photos from J.KRU Sweets promotional video

Have you heard of hot chocolate bombs? Well, J.KRU Sweets is the place for them. This was their popular product at Christmas last year, and they are not spheres, and instead are holiday shaped filled with cocoa and micro marshmallows. “For Valentine’s Day, it’s a lot of chocolate covered strawberries, which are offered year-round for 6/$11 and 12/$20; and for Easter they offer them decorated as carrots.” states Jen. This year, their huge peanut butter filled hearts were very popular as well.

How about a coffee creamer bomb? Yes, that is a chocolate sphere filled with your choice of flavored creamer! Are you salivating yet?! “You just place it in your mug and add your hot coffee. Stir and enjoy! These are offered year-round for just $2/each. We have hazelnut, chocolate creme, french vanilla, vanilla caramel, salted caramel and cinnamon french toast.” Jen says. Do they have any specials coming up? They are focusing on Easter – everything bunny and many flavors of filled eggs. So, place your order soon as Easter will be here before you know it!

Some people have wondered if they will have a storefront in downtown Buchanan. Jen says, “At this time, we do not have any interest in doing anything different than what we’re doing. It’s great having the “office” in our home.” They do not have a website. However, they are working on one. Stay tuned to their Facebook page and you will be notified once it is ready! Now go order your chocolate fix!

Sampler Platter, Photo submitted by J.KRU Sweets
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