Local Business – Pinnacle Emporium

Nik with Jody and Michael inside Pinnacle Emporium, March 2021, Photo by Nik Sanchez

Pinnacle Emporium Opens Buchanan Shop

By Nik Sanchez

What does Pinnacle Emporium mean? Well, pinnacle is the most successful point or the culmination of something or business. Emporium means a wide variety of goods, put those words together and you have created a successful business in a growing market. Pinnacle Emporium offers a professional, sustainable, scalable and desirable work environment and experience.

Michael and Jody Silver both physicians, have brought their concept to southwest Michigan and plan on growing their target market and business. They both plan on positioning their growing business as one of the largest and most recognizable brands in the great state of Michigan. They are both located out of Las Vegas, but say they are mainly on the road attending their many locations with this being their third store here in Michigan, located at 221 East Front Street. The space they acquired has an old vintage feel on it, so it fits in quite well like it’s always been a part of Buchanan. They plan on opening many more locations and continue to grow as a team and a family.

While talking to the owners, I noticed that the team they have built are very close. Michael explains that the creative director is a lifelong friend, Danny Potenza or “Potsy” as referred to in the shop, has brought his chill vibe here to Buchanan. He has brought many vintage americana memorabilia items to help decorate and create the mold they wanted. Many of the memorabilia pays homage to the struggle of legalization of cannabis and Michigan’s place in that story. The feeling walking in is equivalent to finding yourself in a museum of lost history, many vintage items are scattered across the wall. They have created a mural on their wall that is fascinating, highlighting many figures that have helped shape the world and provide entertainment, from music entertainers to political members. They have also added fun characters such as “Buzz’d Lightyear” or even the famous DeLorean from the classic movie, Back to the Future to their mural to add to the concept of the store. “Each store they have has its own personality” Michael says, “we like to highlight certain ideals and characteristics with our stores to create a fun atmosphere while being professional”.

Unlike any other store in this area, they have set themselves apart not only with the product they have and the quality, but the people who work at the store also. Michael and Jody both say, “Their goal is to create an unmatched experience for every customer that comes in”. “We want them to come back and spread the word about our business”. Their goal for the community is giving back on many levels including the support of small business and children’s programs locally. They also will provide many jobs to the community with their growing brand and plan on opening more locations and possibly a farm to cultivate and create their own flower, which indeed opens up more jobs for people in Michigan and the world. The workers they have hired, have the most experience in the area and provide very much needed help and give information about a product if you are new to this idea of purchasing recreational or medical marijuana.

What Jody and Michael Silver are doing for this market is knocking down walls that a generation has built. Many dubbed this simple plant a villain and some have said there is no medical advantage. Studies have shown that this plant indeed is a medicine and that it can help change and shape the world. The war is over and everyone needs to come home.

Nik with Michael and staff inside Pinnacle Emporium, March 2021, Photo by Nik Sanchez

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