The Clark Barker – Issue 01

Out for Walks!

Hi friends! I’ve been adopted and am loving it at The Buchanan Chronicle! While here I’ll still be bringing you my friendly, neighborly tips in each issue.

Spring is here and temperatures are getting warmer, woof-woof! People are out walking more and I have some tips that my walking partners want to remind you about.

When you are driving through downtown, remember to go the posted 25 mph speed limit and watch for pedestrians using the crosswalks. To make Buchanan all the more “The Nicest Place in America,” let’s be kind and considerate to other people and let them cross the road without fear of danger.

So, if you see a pedestrian wanting to cross a road at a marked crosswalk, please simply stop, signal them to cross, wait for them to cross, and then proceed to where you are going. I would certainly feel better for my K-9 friends when they are on their way to the dog park walking the McCoy Creek Trail.

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