Buchanan’s News – Issue 01

Jen and Rebecka begin The Buchanan Chronicle, February 2021, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

The Newspaper Lives On!

By Rebecka Hoyt

Welcome to our first online issue of The Buchanan Chronicle! We are so glad you decided to read it today. My name is Rebecka Hoyt, the Editor of The Buchanan Chronicle. When I heard The Paper (Buchanan’s most recent print newspaper) ceased business this January, I was saddened. Along with my friends and family, all of us enjoyed that lovely, Buchanan-filled newspaper. I have loved reading newspapers ever since my late elementary school years. After much research, talking and praying about this newspaper, I then made the decision to start this one. Being a photographer, I submitted a couple of my photos to The Paper, and now I can keep on doing that with The Buchanan Chronicle.

“We send our best wishes to the new Buchanan Chronicle, and hope past readers of The Paper will participate with the generosity and interest shown to us during our run. We continue to support both old and new Buchanan businesses, and hope the public will do the same. Good luck, Buchanan Chronicle!”

Mary Lister and Patricia Banker, former Publisher and Editor of The Buchanan Paper.

You are probably wondering who is going to be writing for us. We have a small team of six volunteers. The writers are: Kelly Brown, Jen Garry (also Publisher), Rebecka Hoyt (also Editor & Photographer), Tom Hoyt (also Proofreader), Jill McDonald (also Proofreader & Photographer), and Nik Sanchez. If you or know of someone that has a talent for writing or suggestions of articles, please email us at buchananchronicle@att.net or leave a comment/message on our The Buchanan Chronicle Facebook Page or our website The Buchanan Chronicle Website.

Next, what will be in The Buchanan Chronicle? You will see a few similar things that were once before in The Paper and favored by their readers. For example, City Commissioner Meeting Minutes, The Clark Barker, Buchanan School Board Meeting Minutes, Opinion, and Calendar of Events. We will have articles/stories focusing on: Buchanan Community Schools, City Government, Buchanan District Library, Local Clubs & Community Events, Health, BCS Athletics, Faith/Inspiration, Buchanan History, Nature, Restaurant Spotlight, Buchanan Businesses, Local Artist Spotlight, Tech Tips, Car Tips, Student Articles from Local Colleges, Police Log, & Memorials. Not every topic will be in each issue.

When, where and how will The Buchanan Chronicle be ready to read? On the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at 12:01am. While you enjoy your morning coffee/tea/breakfast or a late night snack, you will be able to view and read each issue from whatever electronic device you choose to read from or on the computers at the Buchanan District Library on The Buchanan Chronicle Website. Also, a link will be posted on The Buchanan Chronicle Facebook Page for you to share with your family and friends. Click on the subscribe button below to not miss an issue when it’s published.

Why an online newspaper? While gathering input from my family and friends about having an online newspaper, some said that it would save trees, which is a very needed resource for our planet. So being eco-friendly and not having to drive a far distance to pick up and distribute the newspapers, is a cost savings. The question of digital and/or physical copy weighs upon each of us and our team is very motivated to work towards reviving a physical copy of our hometown newspaper at some point in the future. It’s a goal and now that we’re getting the ball rolling with our online publication we’ll be poised to strive to showcase Buchanan community news in multiple formats.

We are so excited for this new adventure and hope that you will continue to enjoy it with us.

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