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Buckteen Reunion

By Jerry Flenar

Lester McGowan (class of 1917) organized the first Buckteen Reunion in 1955 with 25 members attending from the “teen” years.  From that year forward, a Buckteen Reunion has been held for former Buchanan High School alumni who have been out of school 40 full years or more.  The Buckteen Reunion is held on the second Sunday of June each year.

The Buckteen Reunion provides an opportunity for former classmates and their guests to spend a day with nearly 500 other people who share the same history and memories of high school years.  Time reconnecting with old friends and making new friends make the Buckteen Alumni Reunion “Facebook” in real life.

This year’s Buckteen Reunion is on Sunday, August 22, 2021 in the Buchanan High School Auxiliary Gym (directly behind the old gym).  The gym doors open at 11:00 am for anyone wanting to socialize prior to a brief program beginning at 1:15. A tour of the High School is scheduled.

Many BHS alumni return to the community to spend several days in Buchanan discovering the new and recalling the old.  This year the Buchanan American Legion will welcome Buckteen non-Legion members to view their Historical Room on the lower level during the weekend.  All individual military pictures once located in glass cases downtown are now on display along with many pieces of memorabilia from local veterans.

Keeping up-to-date contact information for alumni is a very difficult job for the Buckteen Committee.  Some former classmates are considered “inactive” because they have not responded to reunion invitations for three consecutive years.  People on the inactive list do not receive future invitations until they contact the committee to provide updated information.  Anyone who did not receive an invitation or would like more information regarding this event should contact Jerry or LeeAnn Flenar at (269) 695-6096.  Or send an email to buchananbuckteensreunion@gmail.com.

Please save the date: August 22, 2021. More information will be forthcoming.

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