A Note from the Publisher – Issue 03

by Jen Garry, Publisher

Our purpose as Buchanan’s Online Newspaper is to serve our community with the best information and the most community interaction we can muster. To do this to the best of our ability we would like to request something of you, our reader: tell us anything you’d like your community to know. We want to hear from you all the local events, happenings, opinions, announcements, and information you can share; we don’t want to miss anything important. So if you come across something you think everyone in Buchanan would be interested in, send it our way through our Facebook Page or our Email.

We wish we were able to include it all, but keep in mind not everything we become aware of can make it into our issues. For things that are free and open to the public, tell us all about it and we’ll do our best to provide that information. We will be soon selling ad space for a small fee, as another way to engage our community, feature local information, and provide our best services.

Also keep an eye looking out for The Buchanan Chronicle swag coming soon, from our Facebook Page, our website, and on May 1 from a booth at the Buchanan Farmers’ Market. We’ll be able to sell shirts, canvas bags, stickers, and much more, as another way for our community to support our efforts.

Lastly, if you see any of our staff out and about, please (socially distanced and with a mask) say hi to us! Ask us a question or tell us a story. We may even use your photo or quote in an article or interview, with your permission of course.

Thanks again for reading and engaging in our Buchanan Community with us!

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