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Evelyn Furst, April 2021, Photos submitted by Kristin Furst and Rebecka Hoyt

Princess and Warrior – If She Can So Can You

By Nik Sanchez

Currently in the small town of Buchanan a little lady is taking over. Domination, perseverance and hard work has helped her mold herself into a warrior on the mat. Growing up she always wanted to be like her older brother and join wrestling and prove to everyone that she is tough enough, I think she has met that goal today.

Her name is Evelyn Furst. Growing up the only girl and youngest of five siblings has molded her from princess to warrior already. Some might say a transformation takes place, as if she puts on and takes off a magic slipper or shoe, that transforms her. As she dominates the males in wrestling to her undefeated record of (3-0) with three pins, which is basically forcing your opponent to lay belly up in defeat. She says growing up with an older brother has made her tough and improved her skill. She has beaten him once with one move they’ve practiced.

Many would think to be careful and some would be worried, but I have learned within just five minutes of speaking with her that it is the boys that should be worried as she is breaking no nail on her fingers. Her family offers tremendous support and show no fear in involving their daughter in such a tough competitive sport dominated by males. Her mother explained to me that she is “that mom” screaming in support of her daughter to win matches and try her best to achieve goals.

While learning wrestling she has admitted to picking up defensive tactics and new skills in order to defend herself on the mat or anywhere else it is needed. Again, as she explains repeatedly, she feels like there does not need to be an all-female wrestling league. She feels like she can dominate boys in her sport and offers a challenge.

She explains that she has future goals of going to state to further her accomplishments in this sport, as this is a growing sport especially for females. She also states that joining wrestling has helped her develop new skills needed for her exciting future. She’s active in American Heritage Girls (A.H.G.), a group out of Buchanan Christian Church offering guidance and local help. She’s also a member of the track team, again illuminating her super hero status and adding to her aura of power.

Throughout this entire interview I was so impressed on how mature Evelyn is, I could not help but think of Rosie the Riveter or Xena from the 90’s TV show, feeling the energy from her as she rides into battle or doing a “man’s job” as some might say. Rest assured there is no damsel in distress here, in fact one day she might help you out learning a defensive move or offering advice to the next lady up or even a male teammate looking to get the edge on their opponent.

It is an inspiration for all people who enjoy a “feel good” story, something to tell your neighbors about. A local town hero or I would like to say a pioneer, laying down the pavement for other women to follow in her footsteps. “If the men can do it so can we.”

Nik Sanchez interviews Evelyn Furst, March 30, 2021, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt
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