Upcoming Event – 420 Celebration 2021

Mural inside Pinnacle Emporium, Downtown Buchanan MI, Photo by Stephanie Fain

Buchanan’s 4/20 Happenings

by Stephanie Fain

*You must be at least 21 years old to view this content. Medical cannabis use is for certified patients only. The Buchanan Chronicle does not intend to promote cannabis use except as advised by your health professional.*

Oh, Buchanan, you lucky little town. These edibles just make me want to go for a beautiful stroll on the spring trails. I love hearing the birds from my window. I love the experience of living downtown when there is a festival going on. The music, the aromas, the happy banter. Buchanan is such an experience and this year, it will be hosting its first ever, 420 celebration! That is correct. A festival built around a very alternative kind of health day where enthusiasts and growers gather to share and celebrate a very resilient plant that has an important role in our overall health as people and as a community. I am beyond excited, this community is always shocking me with its outpouring of love, its acceptance, and its passion for the people here and our neighbors. Buchanan is clearly showing us how very diversified and unified it is.

I have spoken with several local businesses and am excited to report the local happenings. Several businesses outside of the cannabis industry will be taking part in this as well.

Mariah Batchelor-Molitor holds Gary Z’s 420 Poster, Photo by Stephanie Fain

For all you newbies, do not be shy. I can help you with some of the minor details. Below are the dispensaries and one rosin press shop. The dispensaries that are medical require a medical card which are very easy to get if you decide to pursue one. If you do not have a medical card, the dispensaries with recreational or “adult use,” only require a state ID or driver’s licence stating that you are 21 years of age or older. Any one of these dispensaries are filled with people who are in this business to help and will gladly assist you with any questions you have regarding a large range of issues. Many are patients themselves and can give personal experience to the healing qualities of cannabis.

Sage Dixon rings up a Customer inside 7Engines Dispensary at their opening April 12, 2021, Photo by Stephanie Fain

As far as dispensaries go, I am so excited. Everyone had their own kind of approach and vision for our first 420. Also we have two dispensaries that are not downtown, High Profile and 7Engines (who just opened on the 12th) also throwing some great specials with music and food at you! Take a walk! Visit our ducks, but please do not feed them bread, use the duck food provided at the dispensers for .25 and please watch out for them when driving the streets, they are curious creatures and wander all over downtown.

Zen Leaf (Med. & Rec.) was open last year but because of COVID, no celebration was put on but this year proves to be different. As stated before, they did partner with Gary Z’s who will be featuring their amazing organic chicken salad and a BBQ pulled pork sub and McCoy’s Creek Tavern who will be featuring the drink/shot “Liquid Marijuana,” and will be having their weekly legendary “Taco Tuesday.” The sale is: If you purchase from one of the three shops, save your receipt and bring it into one of the other shops listed to receive 10% off. Zen leaf will also be offering swag and merch along with some penny sales. I was told they would be having quite a few vendors present. I am sure it will be fun!

Patient Teaching Event at CannaVista April 8, 2021, Photo by Stephanie Fain

CannaVista (Med. & Rec.) is going traditional old school medicine with playing it safe with the public, there was talk of a pop up tent possibly going up behind the building, they will be celebrating by focusing on the public’s health and safety during the pandemic by giving back to the community by giving a portion of each Common Citizen preroll during the entire month of April, to supporting The Last Prisoner Project, and get this… Redbud Area Ministries. Those are some causes we can all get behind. They will have food. They will have Fred Miller signing autographs! Yes I said it! The Stoner guy who appeared on Jimmy Kimmel twice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SErFK9MQxhg (This is going to be fun!) They will also have local celeb growers. Stop by for a great atmosphere and patient teaching! They are also going to be adding CBD teas to their stock which I am so excited about!

Pinnacle Emporium (Med. & Rec.) SO MUCH going on with these guys! They will have DJ Rosie for sure, rocking out the house and some of the most awesome swag. They will be giving away a Monster 55″ 4K Smart TV. Raffle entries begin 4/16 for anyone who purchases a Monster product and announced on their Instagram story on 4/20. They are also raffling a Terp Fridge w/Terp Pen, PuffCo Plus, $50 store credit, a G-Pen Connect, swag & apparel. They have some penny pre-rolls and some irresistible sales on flower. The first 100 people to get there will be getting a premium swag bag! Don’t worry though, they have swag bags after that until supplies last. These guys have so many sales, it’s hard to keep up with. So they made me a list and it is posted below.

Flower Product Display at 7Engines Dispensary, Photo by Stephanie Fain

7Engines (Medical only, for now.) They have many specials going on! Don Chepes is going to be there whipping up those amazing tacos! They have a fun challenge where if you take a picture with their sign and tag them on either Instagram or on Facebook, and you will get a 7Engines goodie bag while supplies last. Also have some really awesome sweepstakes you can enter with minimum purchases made from 4/16 to 4/20. I have included a complete goodie list below, you can thank their GM, Lydia, for putting together these goodies and such an awesome selection of Medical!

High Profile (Rec.) These guys are keeping up with the Joneses for sure with their specials. This place is going to be luring you in with Woodstock BBQ. I’m gonna have to diet after 420. They offer a lot of penny and buy1get1 for a penny deals.They will also be featuring vendor days from 4/15-4/20. A complete list of their specials are listed below. I really like what I see here. It will be my first time in High Profile. I have high hopes.

Squish Michigan is in the works with something! They are currently feeling around to get their ideas approved but they plan to do giveaways! I was told to stay close to their Instagram account @squish_michigan. NugSmashers biggest sale of the year is going on for 4/20. Their Solventless Class sign-ups will begin this week, their first class will be on 5/1! Home-growers are going to want to add this to their itinerary, stop into their shop just past Cannavista going West on Main Street to learn about the awesome services they offer to the public. 

WKFR103.3 “Favorite Recreational Dispensary” Contest Flyer at Pinnacle Emporium, Photo by Stephanie Fain

Notice that some of the sales and raffles will be starting on the 16th. It is wise to follow the Instagrams of all the dispensaries. There are a lot of great things going on in the neighborhood!

Be safe! It is illegal to consume and drive. Please follow all rules and guidelines, and be respectful of each other. Get your battle plan together Buchanan! What ailments are you fighting? See ya there! Never stop growing, Buchanan!

*sales listed below provided as a convenience, no guarantee of accuracy, sales may change without notice, check with participating businesses for details*

7Engines 420 Sales
  • PRE-ROLLS (10% Off)
    • Barracuda Milk Choc Bar – $5 off
    • Choice THC Capsules – $5 off
    • Traverse City Cherry Gummies – 20% off
    • Element Live Resin Cartridges – 3 for $100 (savings of $80)
    • Element Live Resin – $60 ( Savings of $20)
    • Element Live THCa – $80 (Savings of $20 )
  • 420 sweepstakes starting 4/16 – 4/20
    • TIER 1 – G-PEN + MYSTERY BAG – Enter it by spending $200 or more on a purchase, 1 ticket for every $200 spent 
    • TIER 2 – MYSTERY VARIETY BASKET – Enter it by spending $150 or more on a purchase 
    • TIER 3 – EDIBLE RAFFLE – Enter it by spending $100 or more on a purchase
  • DAY OF 420 – Tag us In a picture with you at the 7engines sign on facebook or instagram. Show this to your bud tender and get a 7engines goody bag!
  • All sales DAY OF ONLY 
Pinnacle Emporium 420 Sales:
  • G Pen Connect Weekend Sales:
  • 4/16-4/18: 
    • G-Pen Connect Device + Oil Tank: $150 (normally $250, SAVE $100)
    • Element G-Pen Connect 1g Oil Tank: $50 (normally $100, SAVE $50)
    • Raffle for G Pen Connect Device. Ticket to anyone who purchases a G Pen Connect Device OR 1g Pure Live Oil Tank.
    • Monster 55″ 4K Smart TV Raffle: Raffle entries begin 4/16 for anyone who purchases a Monster product. Winner 4/20 we will pick a winner after sales are over for the day. Winner announced on our IG story. 
    • Select: BOGO for a Penny all 1g Select Carts 4/15-4/22.
  • 4/20 Specific Sales:
    • Pyramid Pens Vendor Day 4/20, 3-6 pm: 25% Off Pyramid Pens Product from 3-6.
    • 20% off EVERYTHING not already on special (no stacking discounts)
    • Premium Goodie Bags to 1st 100 customers, swag, free preroll, free 40mg edible
    • Penny Preroll with EVERY customer purchase (limit 1 per customer) 
    • 4/$100 various brand carts
    • BOGO Select & Tree Town Products
    • $4.20 grams (Limit 7 per customer, select strains only)
    • $150 Ounces (Select Strains)
    • Buy 2, get 1 Dream Caramels
    • BOGO 1/2 Off Fireball & Margarita Chill
  • Random drawings & giveaways including 50 Exclusive Swag bags throughout the day
  • Various Raffles: Monster TV, Terp Fridge w/ Terp Pen, PuffCo Plus, $50 Store Credit, G Pen Connect, Swag & Apparel
  • *All BOGO’s the “Get One” is a penny and while supplies last
High Profile 420 Sales:
  • 4/16-4/20:
    • Pre-Rolls $12 each or 2/$20
    • Edibles – B2G1 for $.01
    • Kiva products – B1G1 for $.01
    • All Concentrates – $15 off
    • Vape Carts (except Select, Mary’s, Drip) – $10 off (.5g), $20 off (1g)
    • Select 1g Vape Carts –  B1G1 for $.01
    • Cloud Cover Flower – $15/g, $45/3.5g, $85/7g, $165/14g, $300/28g
  • 4/20 only
    • .01 pre-roll w/$50 purchase
    • .01 dixie gummies w/$100 purchase
    • .01 Pre-packaged 8th of cloud cover flower w/$200 purchase
  • **All deals subject to change. Exclusions may apply.  Deals cannot be stacked with other deals and discounts.
  • We will also be featuring vendor days from 4/15-4/20: see http://www.highprofilecannabis.com for more details.
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