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The Sun and Vitamin Absorption

by Stephanie Fain

Oh, how I have missed you, sun! We have, literally, needed you so much! You are very important to our bodies! How so?

Vitamin D:

  • Instructs the cells in your gut to absorb calcium and phosphorus (two minerals that are important for maintaining strong and healthy bones). The very best place to get Vitamin D is from the sun because Vitamin D isn’t naturally occurring in too many foods. Lack of Vitamin D has been linked to some very serious health conditions such as osteoporosis, cancer, depression and muscle weakness. When one’s skin is exposed to sun, it makes Vitamin D from cholesterol. The sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays hit cholesterol in the skin cells, providing the energy for Vitamin D synthesis to occur. But watch out! Too much exposure to UVB rays can have its own consequences.
  • The best and safest time to absorb Vitamin D is midday. According to a study found on, cancer causing solar radiation is scattered at times where there are longer wavelengths which are typically in the afternoon and the time when the sun is the highest in the sky is when you will absorb the most UVB in the least amount of time, also making it the most efficient time to absorb UVB rays to create the most Vitamin D.

Vitamin K:

  • Is essential in working with Vitamin D to help your blood clot and your bones grow. Some of the repercussions of being Vitamin K deficient are bleeding, weakness of bones and potentially increase in risk of developing heart disease. One CAN find Vitamin K in some pretty tasty foods! Vitamin K1 is mostly found in leafy greens and have the highest daily value with cooked kale in the lead at a whopping 443% DV of Vitamin K1, followed by all of the different types of cooked greens, swiss chard, broccoli, spinach, and brussel sprouts. K2 is found in meats and fermented greens. A great reference guide to some great ways to get Vitamin K1 and K2 in your daily diet are at
  • Just as lack of Vitamin D can cause depression and muscle ache, having enough of this supplement might just affect the mood quite the opposite. Always ask your doctor before replacing medications and supplements.

Do not forget to protect yourself! Your skin is the largest organ on your body. It also absorbs everything, so make sure you know the ingredients in your sunscreen; the more you can pronounce, the better! Don’t forget your eyes either, as they need to be protected from the sun too, that way they can continue to store new memories for you.

I am ready, sun! Make me healthy! Never stop growing, Buchanan!

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