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Restaurant Week 2021 Follow-Up

by Nik Sanchez

Many have flocked to the nicest place in America to experience the town goodies of Buchanan. From the scenery to the restaurants, it is a very lovely town. The restaurants offer a feel-good home vibe, and makes it feel like you are eating grandma’s secret recipe.

Buchanan offers different types of dishes, ranging from all types of all-American food, different types of cheeseburgers to pasta dishes, to a local brewery creating farm-to-table dishes or sprout-to-sip beverages. There are many offering locally grown menu items and beverages to choose from.

Union Coffee House special Black Bean & Avocado Plate, Photo by Stephanie Fain

Union Coffee House, a small coffee shop located in the middle of downtown Buchanan has started opening on Mondays again to ensure the best possible experience they can offer. They have explained that their spring menu drinks were a big hit as it involved many spring and natural remedies. Also, the famous Black Bean and Avocado plate which always hums that springtime tune with the ciabatta toast points or the added fresh tomato and cucumber alfalfa sprouts.

Many also flocked to River St. Joe’s to try out their seasonal soup which is farm-to-table style as well as beer flights sold, which is a way to try as many as three different types of beer to figure out your favorite drink pairing to match your dining experience.

Enticing Food and Drink Options at Lehman’s Farmhouse, Photo by Stephanie Fain

At Lehman’s Farmhouse it was the tender brisket sandwich, a very pleasing comforting food to nestle you, when paired with spirit flights you could enjoy a half ounce pour of four of your favorite spirits to go along with any meal or dining experience.

Buchanan has offered an overly exciting week filled with adventures and new dishes, and drinks that many have experienced. The lovely town of Buchanan is planning on doing this again next year and upcoming seasons as to follow and hopes to continue to grow in this new but exciting time.

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