Now That’s Funny! – Issue 03

Prank Poster from Buchanan District Library social media

2021 April Fools!!!

by Thomas Hoyt

So recently we’ve all had the experience of a little known holiday that we call April Fools Day, which is on April 1st.  Typically on this day the object is to play a prank on someone.  I myself have had a particular item of clothing put in the freezer all day.  What is really funny is that I didn’t even see it in there until it was pointed out to me.  This year our wonderful Buchanan District Library even had me fooled!

It was announced by the library that in addition to their Library of Things they were going to have a Library of Pets!  Just imagine, being able to check out a pet for a time.  This way you could “try it on for size” I suppose before making the total commitment to owning a pet.  You could go check out a dog or a cat, or I suppose even a reptile if you really wanted.  Say, how about a pet hippopotamus? Oh even better, a giraffe!

Well it was later announced that this Library of Pets was all simply an April Fools Day prank. Even I was fooled. I certainly got a good laugh out of it. If the library ever gets serious about a Library of Pets, I hope they’re prepared for a request for a hippo!

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