The Clark Barker – Issue 03

Pups at Play!

by The Candid Canid

It is finally warm out and I have been at the dog park, woof-woof! Please tell me that you have heard of the Buchanan Field of Dreams Dog Park. If not, you need to take a walk with your furry friend, or make the short drive. It’s not far from the baseball fields behind the high school football field, and along the McCoy Creek Trail. Here’s the map link for it.

Under human Tom’s supervision, my friends Pups AJ & Lucy frolic at Field of Dreams Dog Park, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

There are two fenced-in parks. One for small dogs, and the other for bigger dogs with plenty of space to run, smell and have lots of fun with my owner and other doggies that show up. Sometimes, I am the only one there, and that’s okay. However, I do like it when another dog comes to play and they are excited to see me.

I am told that the dog park is owned by the City of Buchanan and they also have some great volunteers that run it. There are trees that were planted last year (story link here) to provide shade in the years to come. Some waste removal bags are provided and trash bins to throw away those icky bags. FYI, you should also have your own waste removal bags with you, in case they run out (Amazon supplies donation list link here) they will stock them back up.

Check out Buchanan Field of Dreams Dog Park Facebook Page for arranging making play times with other doggies and additional information.

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