An IMPORTANT Note from the Editor – Issue 04

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor

Do you ever find that you are always learning something new every day or every week? Ever since I started researching the newspaper business and starting The Buchanan Chronicle, I am constantly learning something new or improving in some area, all the time now! And it’s all good as we do better when we have more knowledge. 

We are proud to introduce our new web address:! This new, simplified address will still point you to our same website for all our content.

Recently, our team was informed that our website’s email subscribers were receiving an email for each article! When we heard that, we were shocked. Please note this was not our intention to fill inboxes with that many emails! So, now we are going to use Mailchimp for our subscribers; then you can click on the link in the single email per issue, and it will take you to our latest issue on our website for your enjoyment of reading The Buchanan Chronicle. We’ll be unsubscribing our followers from the WordPress auto-emails (as we’re assuming that’ll be the preference, do let us know if you’d prefer to stay with WordPress emails for yourself) and moving them all to Mailchimp. If you haven’t subscribed to our emails yet, you can do so here:

Success! You're on the list.

We are now one month past since our first issue came out, wow! We have been getting more story ideas for the Chronicle as well as clubs and schools are reaching out to us, thank you! Please continue to do this by sending an email to: or a message through our Facebook page. We value all of your ideas, as we might have not thought of your idea. And, it is interesting to learn about a group that we may have never heard about either – see, we are always learning. 

The Buchanan Chronicle is adding another section to our online newspaper. Ashley Hanson, the headmaster of the Buchanan Farmers’ Market, will be doing a spotlight on one or two Farmers’ Market vendors in each issue from May – October. So be sure to check that out and show up at the Farmers’ Market downtown at The Common. It starts today, May 1, 2021 from 8am – 1pm rain/shine. We will be having our own booth there today (and a couple of other times throughout the season), so stop by to say “Hi” and have a chance to win some swag from us. We would love to meet our readers and “future readers” as well! Also, we will have samples of The Buchanan Chronicle swag: shirts, canvas bags, decals, and much more, as another way for our community to support our efforts. We will be taking orders for swag items while we’re at the Farmers’ Market, and there will also be Advertising Information flyers for those looking to advertise/sponsor us. While at the Farmers’ Market, the current best payment method to get your order started right away will be CASH; we will also be rolling out electronic payment methods soon so ask us if that’s your preference. These items will also soon be available on our Facebook Page, and our website.

The Buchanan Chronicle is here to inform the “Nicest Place in America” and we are just getting started! Enjoy the rest of the 4th issue and the weekend.

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