BCS School Spotlight – Moccasin Elementary May 2021

Moccasin’s Earth Day Bags

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor

In our 4th issue of our school spotlight, 4th graders at Moccasin Elementary School in Heidi Holloway’s class, took some time to color, draw and write on brown grocery bags for Earth Day. The bags were then taken back to Harding’s here in town for them to use for their customers’ groceries. As I chatted with Mrs. Holloway, she said that, “My class always enjoys teaching the community about Earth Day and ways that everyone can help save the Earth. I have also heard that people in the community wait to go shopping until April 22 so that they may have the opportunity to get a paper shopping bag decorated by the students.” This brings the students learning to the Buchanan community. Next year, there will be more classes involved.

I hope that you have enjoyed their awesome creations and perhaps learn a thing or two from them! If so, please let us know by sending us a message via email or through our Facebook if you were one of the lucky ones or knew of someone that received one of these bags, stating what you learned! Like I said already in the beginning of the 4th issue, we’re always learning no matter how old or young we are. Knowledge is power.

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