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“Adopt” a BHS Senior – Class of 2021

Submitted by Jennie Brackett

Last spring, a friend of mine set up the inaugural ‘Adopt a Buchanan High School’ senior group for the class of 2020. The intention was to shower love on the seniors who ended up having a crazy, virtual end to their senior year. Fast forward to this spring, and several friends reached out to me to pick up the project for the class of 2021. This year’s seniors have gone back and forth between in-person and virtual, having extra-curriculars and not, and many of the traditional senior year events and activities have a much different feel to them, if they happened at all. These students need to be showered with love too! After having a conversation with my friend who ran the Facebook group last year and learning the logistics, I set about setting up the group for the class of 2021.

My role in this is really that of a facilitator. All posts have to be approved, for safety reasons. So, when I see a family has posted their senior for adoption, I make it available to those who are invited members of the Facebook group. People in the group/community watch for students to become available to be adopted. They comment on the post if they want to ‘adopt’ that student. Once someone ‘adopts’ the student, I ask the parent/guardian to mark them as adopted on the original post. I keep track of all this in a Google sheet. (I like color coding and checking things off of lists!) 

We have yet to really get to the ‘gifting’ portion of this process – but I expect it will begin soon. Last year, gifts were things like wooden signs (made locally) for the seniors to put by their front door announcing they were graduating, or laundry baskets full of laundry things to take to college, or flowers, or tshirts, or gift cards. The gift type and frequency are really up to the ‘adoptive’ person.

Below is the Facebook announcement that was posted less than 48 hours ago. We currently have 20% of the class adopted, and are working to contact the families who have not posted their student yet. 

This group is set up to help us celebrate the Buchanan High School graduates Class of 2021! It has been a crazy year+ for these students. They have learned to persevere through very unusual circumstances. Let’s help them know how proud we are of them, and how loved they are! This ‘(adopt) a Buchanan High School Senior 2021’ page is intended to facilitate the process of connecting seniors with a family who wants to ‘adopt’ them for the next couple of months by sending cards, snacks, gift cards, momentos, etc. Let’s brighten the end of their Buchanan academic careers by spreading kindness and letting them know they are loved!

Parents/Guardians of Seniors: Post a pic or several and any information you want (this will require admin approval). Please include the elementary school your child attended, information about their involvement at BHS as well as their future plans. Please update your post as ***adopted*** once the admin has tagged you in an ‘adopted’ comment.

Looking to ‘adopt’? Check out the active posts. Comment on it if you would like to adopt that student. Message the parent and ask for information to help provide you with ideas of what to do.

Please don’t give out your student’s personal contact information nor anything you don’t want others knowing. Always use caution. We want this to be an exciting thing, but most importantly, to keep our Seniors safe.

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