Buchanan Sports – Spring 2021

New Updates, Photo from Buchanan Bucks Baseball Facebook page

Spring Sports Surprise

By Nik Sanchez

This spring the town of Buchanan had a different buzz in the air, with Covid-19 keeping everyone locked up. The birds, the bees, and the flowers have started to come out, along with Buchanan’s spring sports.

Players from Buchanan High School could not wait to start the season up, especially the baseball and softball squads. Both clubs felt noticeably confident and well-rested since both had elongated off-seasons. Many players used this as a chance to heal up and practice fundamentals and the science of the sport. Baseball and softball coaches had extra time to prepare for a difficult upcoming season set with many challenges, the Buchanan athletic staff was ready.

Jim Brawley leads the baseball club, who are packed with great players, have a veteran knowledge for the game, and are finally ready to play. Buchanan baseball has started off strong this season as they continue to grow and battle many strong teams in their division as well as longtime rivals.

Rachel Carlson leads the Lady Bucks of softball in which they strive for greatness behind their leader. This squad is also packed with greatness at every position, they have added depth this year as they will need it to continue to grow and build towards a championship. They have also shown that they are ready for this season by starting off strong and continue to grow as a team.

Upon watching some of the games from the comfort of my own home, I began to realize both clubs are exceptionally good and disciplined. Most of the games were won by large leads but the intensity never stopped; the focus was always clear and that is to keep winning. They also are facing different situations and protocols with Covid-19 and follow all guidelines and mandates.

Both clubs are led by great coaches who know what it is to be a great teammate and win games, and continue to work towards a championship. Let’s wish them a great season, GO BUCKS!

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