Local Business – Redbud Liquor

Redbud Liquor 3213 W Front St Buchanan MI

Neighborhood Man

by Nik Sanchez

Some may perceive Redbud Liquor as a scary or unwanted establishment to shop at. It is surrounded by red brick like a fortress and could appear to be abandoned at first, but once inside it is a safe zone to many shoppers of all kinds. You can buy apparel, snacks, a beverage of your choice or lotto tickets. Whatever it may be, I can assure you Greg has it. Top of the line top-shelf liquor and craft beer are some of the many options to choose from. Even though Greg is not a drinker or smoker, he is an expert on fine wine and liquor. With an old school name offering knowledge of where Buchanan originally found its name, it is somewhat historical and should be recognized.

Upon arriving in Buchanan from a small village, I felt worried. Three Oaks treated me great. A big personality in a small town, I love it. Being a Chicagoan I welcomed any fight too big for me to chew, within the first week I felt right at home. This local liquor and grocery store, or as many would call “one stop shop,” welcomed me with open arms. As worried as I was, the owner Greg Vance assured me that I was in the right place.

From being an old grocery store to a factory back in the day of the lovely town of Buchanan, it serves its purpose even better now. Being a landmark at the end of town offers a type of night watch. In Greg We Trust. It is a very family friendly place that invites you in and tends to keep you there and coming back. Every time I go in, I am always welcomed by my first name and asked how I am doing. I have spent much time in many conversations there, just talking about life and what is going on in town. I also feel a sense of family when entering the store or a calm release like I have made it. Some days when I do not go to Red Bud Liquor, I feel like I missed something in my day. Sometimes I like to just go in and say hi just to see how the day has been. This is one of so many interesting places in the town of Buchanan, and everyone should check this cool spot out. 

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