BCS Superintendent’s Note – May 2021

A Note from BCS Superintendent

by Patricia Robinson, Buchanan Community Schools Superintendent

As this school year is coming to a close, there have been examples of resilience, determination, compassion, grit, dedication and appreciation shown throughout the school year. 

Teachers and staff have completed a full year of school during a pandemic and adjusted to the educational nuances , they have been flexible with the interruptions of in-person learning and have learned and managed how to teach and learn while wearing masks. Teachers have become masters at meeting and teaching virtually with faces that lack expressions staring back at them. They have learned to make pivots with last minute school pausing to move from in-person learning to virtual learning. Our teachers and staff have been and are the backbone of this organization and for that we are thankful. 

Students have weathered this storm with such amazing strength. We continue to be in awe of their attitudes and desire of wanting to attend school in-person.  They wear their masks as if masks have been part of their lives all along. Our students have learned to participate in sports while wearing a mask. They have taken this challenge head on with such dignity, strength, and positive mindsets and for that we are humbled and honored that you are here with us. 

Parents have been extremely flexible and for their willingness to adjust we simply say thank-you. Parents have several plans in place to make these adjustments. They have had to figure out child care, figure how to help their child during virtual learning times while attempting to work at home themselves, they have had to manage with social and emotional struggles during virtual learning, parents, families, and the community have been the biggest cheerleaders of student support and for that we are extremely grateful. 

Although this school year is closing,  we are excited about returning next school year. We are working on a few things to get us ready for 2021-2022:

  • Free Summer school program that includes transportation and food 
  • The 2021-2022 calendar will be posted in June
  • Implementation of the Here Comes the Bus App which gives parents real-time information regarding the whereabouts of the bus 
  • Planning for in-person learning for all students
  • Pans for the Centennial Celebration of our High School are underway 
  • End of year Newsletter will be distributed in June 
  • The Buck Bulletin will be shared earlier this year

We will continue to support students by focusing on our mission which t is to develop responsible, resilient, creative citizens capable of succeeding in a global society.

Go Bucks!

BCS Superintendent Patricia Robinson, Spring 2021, Photo from BCS
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