Buchanan Farmers’ Market – Follow-Up

The team trying to stay warm with warm drinks, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Welcome to the Buchanan Farmers’ Market 2021

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor

At 7:30am, Saturday, May 1st, 2021 The Buchanan Chronicle team arrived at the very chilly, 39 degrees Farmers’ Market down at the Common for their first Farmers’ Market vendor booth. We had a great team that quickly put up a green canopy, the table for all of our Buchanan Chronicle swag and chairs for those who needed them. We then felt that it was needed for someone to go back to one of our houses real quick to get more chairs and blankets. Yes, it was that cold! Luckily, it didn’t stay cold. As the clouds went away, the sun came out and shined down on us, but the wind still stayed around which made us take down the canopy. This was definitely a lesson learned, for what to bring for our booth next time! We were mostly prepared, but just didn’t realize how strong the wind was going to be. We had painted rocks to act as paper weights to hold things down on the table, but it was the canopy that we were mostly concerned about even with the steaks holding it in the ground! So down it came after we realized that we should take it down.

Some of our team members had never been to the Farmers’ Market, so this was their first time to experience it. It went well as we met a lot of people from Buchanan and other surrounding areas. We had a drawing for people to fill out a short survey and you would be entered to win some Chronicle swag. The winner of that was a 4th grader from Moccasin Elementary School. We surprised her last Friday at school with a big balloon filled with some Buchanan Chronicle swag and some goodies. We could tell that she was happy behind her face mask! We will have this entry for each time we have a booth there.

Our team had a competition with each other on who could be the closest to guess how many people would stop by our booth and chat. Julie (Tom & Rebecka’s daughter) kept a tally of those people, which totaled to be 48 people. Our guesses were 2 digit and 3 digit numbers! Our winner guessed 45 and won a gift card to a local restaurant. We’re going to do this competition with our team at the next 2 times that we are there (one in July and one in September). So, come on out and help increase our number of visitors to our booth and fill out a survey to win some Buchanan Chronicle swag. Oh and before I forget, one of our writers, Nik, kept count on the number of dogs that walked by with their humans and that count was 11!

At the Farmers’ Market, there were 33 vendors, wow! The vendors ranged from: farmers, handmade soaps, a couple of bake sales, handmade indian-type crafts/purses/etc., homemade doggie treats, Tupperware, Color Street Nails, clubs like DAR & Leo’s/Lion’s, healthy supplements/Watkins, a coffee vendor that warmed up our hands, crocheted items and the ever popular Wood, Stock & Grill. Also, they had some blue foam-type blocks and noodles for kids to play at the bottom of the Common stage, which was a big hit. If you didn’t make it to the Farmers’ Market, I did do a LIVE Facebook video of the market which is on our Facebook page Watch Here, so take a look at that. Not every vendor will be there every Saturday. So, you should just come on down and see what it’s like and come back again. You never know when you might find that one thing you’re looking for! We look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the very first time!

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