Local Family – Mother’s Day

Becoming a New Mom

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor/Photographer

When I became a new mom, I was concerned about our baby’s health, safety and happiness. Our daughter was born 9 days late, admitted to the best NICU down at Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend, Indiana (now known as Beacon Children’s Hospital) for 7&1/2 days, then transferred to University of Chicago Comer Children’s hospital for 13 days for a swallowing issue and high liver enzymes. While at the other hospital, we learned that she inherited a genetic disease called Alpha-1Anti-Trypsin Deficiency (reason for high liver enzymes). So, to take that all in and learning that there is no cure for it, was emotionally. You need to have a support system in place no matter what each mother goes through, whether it’s her first born or not.

While at the University of Chicago Comer Children’s hospital, I was able to stay with her. My family and friends would call me to see how things were going, but after each phone call I would have tears because I just wanted someone to be there with me. Yes, I had lots of time bonding with her and I learned so much! This was my first child, and I wasn’t expecting to go through so much. Meanwhile, my husband was at home because of his work. But he would come to the hospital in South Bend after work, and then on the weekends to Chicago. Both of our families came on the same Sunday to Chicago, so that helped too. The Ronald McDonald House was available for my husband and I to use at both hospitals. We were grateful for them as they provided us a place to sleep, a place to get away from the beeps on the machines, and a place for snacks/meals – normalcy.

When we finally came home with her, I did not realize how the night time feedings would be. I then had to make the newborn baby appointment with the pediatrician as she was like 4 weeks old at that time (compared to a 1 week-old baby), then to get a referral for a pediatric gastroenterologist to be seen within the next month. Also, with a 3 month-old at Christmas time, I think that our Christmas tree was put up like one week before Christmas and that was a lot later compared to past Christmas’. So some things you had planned on doing wouldn’t happen right away or almost till it was time for it. But as each year has come and gone, you learn to hopefully better plan things out. And sometimes, things don’t go as always planned. I have learned that you need to be very flexible, have patience, ask for help & pray, but also to have some persistence in getting things done!

Motherhood Questions

by Kelly Brown

In honor of Mother’s Day (5/9/2021) I asked The Buchanan Chronicle team four questions about moms. All of our hard-working women teammates also happen to be mothers and our hard-working men teammates have mothers, so sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know more about our team as you read through their answers.

  1. What is your favorite thing about being a mom? (Guys, What is your favorite thing about your mom?)
    • Kelly: My favorite part of being a mom is being able to watch my kids grow and getting to see them transform into the people they are going to be.
    • Stephanie: I love watching my son learn new things, it is fun to remember how excited we once were over the same things.
    • Tom: Her laugh. My mom always has a nice laugh.
    • Jill: I love witnessing all the joys of each stage of life as my son grows and sharing travel adventures with him.
    • Rebecka: My favorite part of being a mom is watching how my daughter grows and learns, whether it’s physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
    • Nik: I love that my mom is my own personal warrior and she has never lost faith in me.
    • Jen: Seeing the best of both me and my husband shine out of my son is a super rewarding part of being a mom.
  1. What are some things you wish someone had told you before becoming a mom? (any specific advice you wish someone would have shared?) [Guys, skip this question and we’ll ask you a similar question for Father’s day.]
    • Kelly: I wish someone had told me how fast it all goes. It felt like only a pause between breaths from diapers to handing over the keys to my newly licenced driver.
    • Stephanie: Sleep can wait, breathing exercises is where it’s at.
    • Jill: Things may seem challenging at times, but it too shall pass…so breathe a little easier. I’ve learned all the blessings far outweigh the challenges.
    • Rebecka: I did not realize how the night time feedings would be. And sometimes, things don’t go as always planned. So, I have learned that you need to be very flexible and have patience, but also to have some persistence in getting things done!
    • Jen: To not focus on what to worry about but to focus on each celebration no matter how tiny. Counting joys is a much better use of energy than stressing.
  1. Are there things you have discovered that you do that your mom did? Good or bad? (Doesn’t have to be related to how you parent.) [Guys, answer the same question.]
    • Kelly: There are many ways I am like my mother. Yes, I say all of the annoying cliche things that all of our mothers have said for generations and that as kids we swore we would never say to our own children. It’s the way of the world. One of the things that are most similar between my mom and I is our handwriting. My handwriting is eerily similar to hers. Now that she’s gone it’s a comforting thing but when I was a teenager it annoyed me to no end! 
    • Stephanie: I am way too involved. I am overly opinionated and I have no plans on changing that. The more I grow, the more I realize how important she was to me and my siblings and how much I miss her.
    • Tom: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh…the way I do laundry.
    • Jill: I definitely make constant lists, just like my mom, various ones and organized. 
    • Rebecka: My Mom always used to say, “Because I said so.” And in the past I have used that phrase. She was a Girl Scout Leader, and I was a Girl Scout leader for a couple of years. Also, my Mom went back to school when she was 40 and so did I, however we majored in different things. We both like the color white in our kitchens! Also, we like to do chores/folding laundry a certain way and it drives my husband nuts! But that’s how I am.
    • Nik: If I’m involved in any project that I am passionate about, I always give 100%. This is something I learned from my mom.
    • Jen: We both love our crossword puzzles, and as much as I’d like to think otherwise, I do think I parent as a bit of a softie like she did with me.
  1. Are there ways that you wish you were like your mom? (Guys, answer the same question)
    • Kelly: My mom had the most incredible green thumb! She could take in plants (and often did) that others had all but killed and bring them back to life to the point that they ended up growing bigger than they were even intended to. It was kind of a magical thing to watch. I, on the other hand, cannot keep a houseplant alive to save my own life! I have even killed the unkillable succulent plant. It’s disgraceful lol!  
    • Stephanie: My mother was gangster. She feared nothing and cared very little about what people thought. She would blast mexican cumbia music and prison rap from her Dodge charger. I wish I could have learned more from her. Mother’s day sometimes falls on my birthday and this year it did, I wish I could spend it with my mother so I hope if others can, they are.
    • Tom: Nothing really jumps out at me. I find myself more like my dad.
    • Jill: I wish I’d develop my mom’s great skill of remembering names and titles of things. 
    • Rebecka: My Mom is very talented in the world of sewing. She has made tons of clothes for my sisters and I when we were little & doll clothes, wedding/Christmas dance/bridesmaid dresses, hems pants & dresses, napkins, sews on Girl Scout badges, makes baby blankets/quilts, and the latest: she has sewn over 200 face masks during the pandemic! I have a sewing machine to where I have sewn on Girl Scout/AHG badges, and made some napkins all along with her help. I don’t give myself enough time to get my sewing machine out and use it. Maybe this will be a new goal of mine.
    • Nik: I just wished I would have listened to her more instead of making the choices I made. I think she is a great person who needs to win mom of the year in least once.
    • Jen: My mom doesn’t hold back and goes toward whatever she’s interested in, I aim to embrace a boldness like she has.

From all of us at The Buchanan Chronicle to all of our readers out there, we hope you had the most relaxing and memorable Mother’s Day this year!

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