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Submitted Public Opinion

My name is Shane Turay and I wanted to follow-up and thank you for your involvement in the Buchanan Vision event. I was very encouraged by the efforts and hard work that everyone has been investing in our community. I want to contribute and share with you in writing some of my basic input regarding the Buchanan Vision. I believe the following thoughts could have a significant, long-term positive impact on our community both recreationally and economically. I would be happy to present these ideas in more depth, and in person.

  1. Open (Daylight) McCoy Creek Trail Downtown. As mentioned in the Vision McCoy Creek flows through the City in a northeasterly fashion and is the most significant, ancient, natural and historical feature in the City. The McCoy Creek Trail Project has been a wonderful start to highlighting the creek’s natural and historical amenities. I envision building on this success and opening up the creek through the downtown. I understand that this is a complex topic and would have many challenges however I truly believe that the resulting impact would be immediate and long-term and would provide abundant recreational and economic benefits. We have at our very heart one of the most beautiful natural resources known to man and it is imprisoned in a tunnel. It is like keeping a masterpiece of art concealed in a sheet or healing medicine locked in a safe. This feature revealed correctly would be a truly unique treasure that could be the diamond centerpiece for our community and a biannual festival; one for anglers and one for fun and shopping. This would have a significant impact on the prestige of our community and have a high appeal to tourists. I have attached a crude schematic of the plan (Google Earth Format) and would be happy to make a presentation. I feel that this is the only way to properly convey this idea.  
  2. Relocation of Buchanan Ducks. It is clear that many people are fond of our webbed friends and it is a nice tradition however I think it needs to be moved. We have large areas of low land north of the new Dog Park and Softball fields. I recommend constructing a modest pond and better-suited surroundings where those who are passionate about this can cultivate this interest in a more suitable setting. This action can also serve to further improve and highlight more areas of the creek and add recreational park space perhaps even ice skating. This will free up the more urban downtown area to be more suitable for use by people and events without the sanitation issues of duck waste. 
  3. Proposed Moccasin Trail Park. This area is another overlooked gem that could be transformed into a unique park space that could include swimming and waterfall features.  
  4. Community Farm. Further Expansion of the Middle School Farm for community involvement and social bonding.
  5. Continued natural enhancements to the Dog Park. There is so much great opportunity here to create a tall grass area, natural earth mounds, trenches, log obstacles, water holes, and expand the fenced area to include sloped terrain and heavier woods. 

I feel that we have many incredibly unique natural features just waiting for us to care for and in return care for us and make us an even more appealing community that people will be desiring even more to be a part of. People are ready to get back to enjoying more nature, time spent together outdoors, and the benefits and comfort of a small town.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or if you would just like to visit again and talk more about our community.

Best Regards,

Shane Turay

*The Buchanan Chronicle wishes to provide a venue for public opinion to be heard. We may edit but only for typos, language, or length; as we desire to present submitted opinions as received.*

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