A Note from the Editor – Issue 06

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor

Greetings everyone! Spring is almost done and it’s starting to feel like summer, yay! We hope that you have been enjoying The Buchanan Chronicle, now that we are six issues in! Word has been getting around about us and we hope that you will continue to share this issue, The Buchanan Chronicle website and our Facebook page. 

In our latest issue (Fifth issue), we published an “Opinion” piece. Our readers have opinions and we want to provide a place to express them – regardless if we agree with them. However, we do ask that you abide by our “Opinion Guidelines” and I will mention them here:

  • Please keep it under 400 words.
  • We don’t accept anonymous letters and will publish your name and city. (We contact all writers to verify their veracity.)
  • Check your facts. Letters that are factually inaccurate will not be printed. (If we see inaccuracies, we will ask the writer to verify them.)
  • We do not publish ad hominem attacks, rudeness or foul language, or personal grievances.
  • Space is limited for letters and we must give priority to the ones that are most timely, well-written, relevant, and/or provide a unique perspective.
  • We edit and/or trim letters a little as possible, but we reserve the right to do so as necessary.

We would love to showcase your business/group/club in The Buchanan Chronicle. Please send us an email and/or a message through our Facebook page (The Buchanan Chronicle Facebook page), or call at 269-697-9874. As stated from our publisher in the last issue, we now have advertising rates! Jen and I are hoping to meet soon with any Buchanan business to tell you what we have to offer to get your business noticed even more! Enjoy the 6th issue.

Happy Readings,

Rebecka Hoyt

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