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by Editor Rebecka Hoyt with excerpts from Principal Stacey DeMaio’s May 2021 Monthly Update

As the school year comes to an end, graduation for the Buchanan High School Seniors is coming up. In our spotlight, Malayna Craig, a freshman in Basic Art, was BHS’ artist spotlight for the month of May. Mrs. DeMaio, Principal of BHS says, “Malayna enjoys drawing realistically and is especially talented in portraiture.”

Artwork by Malayna Craig

We have some good news from the Art Dept this morning. We received the list of winner’s for the Buchanan Art Center’s Buchanan Youth Art Exhibition today. If you see Jordan Bauer and Tyler Balam give them a shout out for winning Special Merit awards for their artwork in the exhibition. They are two very deserving students for this award as they work every second in art class for every day that they are here. Great kids and talented artists.

Artwork by Jordan Bauer, Emerging Artist Exhibit on display at Buchanan Art Center
Artwork by Tyler Balam, Emerging Artist Exhibit at Buchanan Art Center

At Buchanan High School, we strive to prepare students for life outside of the academic setting. We are always looking for partnerships within our community to bring real world life experiences to our students. Please reach out to us if you have an idea you’d like to discuss to help our students become successful. 

If you call our office, our phone menu has changed, please listen carefully to the new option. Please check out our new Facebook page and like us!

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