Buchanan Sports – Athlete Spotlight

Gavin Fazi on the basketball court, Photo submitted by Gavin Fazi

Heart, Hustle, and Muscle

by Nik Sanchez

The longest kick return(football) in Buchanan High School history(99 yards)Student athlete Gavin Fazi(18) holds it. Gavin falls nothing short of a dominant player both in basketball and football. The pictures speak for themselves as he shows heart, hustle and muscle. Upon speaking with Gavin I noticed he was very quiet, almost ninja-like. His demeanor was calm and collective but ready to explode at any given time, something I would look for in an athlete.

In football he plays both sides of the ball, offense and defense which again is very tough to do especially in the same game. On offense he plays tight end, which is a very physical position to play. But also he has the softest hands on the team. Putting up huge numbers in his career so far at Buchanan High school. He currently holds the record for most reception yards per catch at 20+. On defense he is known as a punishing hard hitter, while playing middle linebacker he serves as an anchor to stop opposing teams from scoring.

Gavin Fazi on the football field, Photo submitted by Gavin Fazi

Gavin also holds the record for most tackles in a season also as a linebacker. As a basketball player he plays the power forward position, he describes his play as old school 90’s style. He describes himself as a tough person and has a lot of heart as he describes how he played hurt through year. He sprained his ankle early into his senior year and played on one at times. He didn’t want to leave his team mates and put his health aside for the love of the game.

Gavin Fazi on the basketball court, Photo submitted by Gavin Fazi

It’s more than just sports for Gavin also, he takes school seriously and has exceptional grades (a mind with a body). He plans on attending Ferris State University (Big Rapids) in the future to major in accounting, after he has accomplished that he plans on going after his C.P.A. to further his goals after he reaches this stage in his life. Currently Gavin is working as a Diesel Mechanical Tech fixing up trucks, truly a man’s job that takes hard work and getting your hands dirty.

I can tell Gavin is a great kid with the future ahead of him because he cares about the community, he has cleaned up Smith park as volunteer work and plans on helping out the community this summer. Some other accomplishments are All State LB in 2020, All Conference Basketball 2021.

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