Past Event – Memorial Day Parade 2021

2021 Memorial Day Parade through Downtown Buchanan, Photo by Jill McDonald

What a Parade!

by Editor Rebecka Hoyt

Memorial Day, May 31, 2021 was a great day in Buchanan, MI! After not having a Memorial Day parade last year due to the pandemic, the people of Buchanan and other cities of Michigan and I am sure other states as well came to the parade. It started at Redbud Trail Road and Front Street and was led through downtown all the way to the Veteran’s Circle at the Oakridge Cemetery on Terre Coupe Road.

Veterans on Parade, Photo by Jill McDonald

The Buchanan Chronicle Team was all throughout the parade route capturing photos as we learned about the people who were watching. We hope that you enjoy reading their thoughts on the parade and seeing their photos.

Parade Flags, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Writer Jan Wiezorek captured a photo of Buchanan resident, Linda Nelson and her grandson, Henry Nelson (who is a frequent Memorial Day parade-goer), as she has attended this parade for nearly 60 years. Linda says, “I’m at the point in my life where the old cars (in the parade) are a big deal.” The favorite part of the parade for Jan was the “One Buchanan” group and the Disney characters handing out candy to the kids with some big, beautiful smiles!

Parade Viewing Family, Photo by Jan Wiezorek

Writer Nik Sanchez, said that he liked the vibe at the ceremony as everyone was excited to be there.

Raquel who sang The National Anthem at the Ceremony, Photo by Nik Sanchez

Writer/proofreader Tom Hoyt, was actually in the parade with him and Rebecka’s daughter, Julie with the American Heritage Girls (AHG). He liked it when he saw friends along the parade route and smiled and waved at them.

Tom and Julie Hoyt walk with American Heritage Girls, Photo by Jill McDonald

Publisher Jen Garry, was amazed to see nearly the whole town either in the parade or watching and cheering from the sides. Her son loved all the cars, tractors, and fire trucks, and especially seeing the Disney characters!

Tractors down Terre Coupe, Photo by Jen Garry

Writer/videographer Stephanie Fain, liked how an almost 94-year-old WW2 veteran attended the ceremony at the Veteran’s Circle at Oakridge Cemetery and he couldn’t stop talking about his wife who couldn’t attend. He had a great day while also being at the legion.

Veteran with Family, Photo by Stephanie Fain

Writer/photographer Jill McDonald, enjoyed taking photos of the parade downtown and attendees.

Pup Parade-Goer, Photo by Jill McDonald

Editor/photographer Rebecka Hoyt, really loved capturing photos of the cars and a couple of patriotic attendees. Ms. Price was decked out in red, white and blue with her sons and their families. She got married to her husband before Vietnam and they were married for 51 years. 

On our Facebook page, The Buchanan Chronicle, we have a great video that our videographer Stephanie Fain put together of the parade as well as when the Veteran’s Circle received a makeover. So go ahead and take a look! We hope that you enjoyed this year’s parade and we look forward to covering more community events. Also, a HUGE “THANK YOU” goes out to all of the men and women veterans who served our country!

Veterans Celebrated, Photo by Jan Wiezorek
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