Local Business – Chicago Dogs

Ben mans the hotdog stand, Photo by Nik Sanchez

Local Business – Chicago Dogs

by Nik Sanchez

Ben and Danna have always had a dream of starting their own food cart or truck. As they retired that dream became true, in 2001 they started the Michigan Concession. It’s a place where you can find classic Chicago style hot dogs and the famous chili dog they are most known for. As they are from Buchanan, Ben and Danna wanted to give back to a great community. The whole idea came from traveling to Florida and seeing so many food trucks and food carts and they wanted to put their own spin on it.

This year 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of starting the hot dog cart up, both are very excited and are grateful for the many years being able to do what they love. They both enjoy having this hobby because it keeps them active and gives them something to do, when the sun is out and the weather is warm they love selling hot dogs and other tasty treats they have. This stand is also veteran owned and has hosted fundraisers and relief funds to aid those in need. Ben and Danna also have won numerous awards for cooking including 1999 BBQ competition and a 2005 pulled pork 1st place all in Michigan.

They both look forward to the future and growing their business since last year was tough with COVID, they were only able to set up 5 times last year and nearly lost their license due to restrictions. They have future plans of possibly setting up a Mexican taco truck and a breakfast stand which sounds really exciting in the near future I hope. The township of Buchanan needs more food options and it would only continue to grow the nicest place in America.

Hotdog Stand Menu, Photo by Nik Sanchez
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