Local Business – Vite Greenhouses

Vite Greenhouses, Photo by Jill McDonald

Local Business – Vite Greenhouses

by Jill McDonald

Are you looking to enhance the beauty of your garden? Would you like to have plants that attract butterflies or hummingbirds? How about creating a flower garden that would provide continual blooms? Vite Greenhouses in Buchanan can assist you!

Vite Greenhouses is proud to be a family-owned business, rich in history from it’s early days. Vite Greenhouses is owned by brothers Jerome, Don, and Greg Vite. Their wives all work at the greenhouses as well. Their sister Vicki lives out of state. Parents Bill and Madeline Vite have a history in farming, with Bill being a second generation vegetable farmer. After the brothers went away to college, over the years they each returned to the family farm to carry on their farming history. All the brothers each have a home with their families on the property. In 2001, Vite Greenhouses became a corporation.

Inside Vite Greenhouses, Photo by Jill McDonald

Located on Redbud Trail, just three miles south of Buchanan, Vite Greenhouses offers a wide selection for your gardening needs and desires. They are “one of the largest Independent Garden Centers serving all of southwestern Michigan and northern Indiana,” and have a 60,000 square foot shopping area, as stated on their website. 

They offer a wide selection of annual and perennial flowers, hanging baskets, ornamentals, shrubs, trees, and much more. They are a certified “Proven Winners Garden Center.” This top selling brand of plants offers plants specifically for the Midwest region, plus introduces unique new varieties. Vite staff receive training and knowledge on these plants.

This 2021 season has been their best year ever, according to Jerome Vite. Last year had been their best year at that point, despite Covid, as more people became interested in gardening as a perfect thing to enjoy at home.

Beautiful Blooms at Vite Greenhouses, Photo by Jill McDonald

For those wondering about current safety Covid protocols, they are following current CDC guidelines and encourage social distancing. The greenhouses have an open-air atmosphere, as there is continual airflow from the vents.

When asked about what Owner Greg’s favorite thing is working in the greenhouse business, he responded, “It’s where three brothers can work together, all have their areas of responsibility, and can appreciate each other.” 

The three brothers/owners each play an important role to help the family business run smoothly. Greg is in charge of Building Operations/Human Resources, Jerome the business side, and Don the advertising and website.

When asked about what Owner Jerome’s favorite thing is working in the greenhouse business, he said, “I’ve always enjoyed farming and being out in the country, watching things grow, and seeing God’s creation in action.” In their greenhouse business, not only does he get to work with his family, but he says he also gets to see the whole process- the plants growing and then seeing people come and enjoy themselves, which he says is very satisfying. Jerome said, “We have the best customers!”

Inside Vite Greenhouses, Photo by Jill McDonald

“The continued success of Vite Greenhouses, as stated on their website, “is a result of the values each family shares: Faith in God, commitment to family, and hard work.” When asked how these values guide their business everyday, Jerome said that his father passed down a saying from his grandfather: “If you can’t make it in six days, you’re not going to make it in seven.” On Sundays their business is closed and although watering still needs to be done, the pace is relaxing and no phones are answered.

Vite Greenhouses is open from April through the end of October. Later in the season they will offer chrysanthemums, asters, and other autumn plants. 

Whether you have a green thumb or are just beginning to get curious about growing some flowers at your home, the staff at Vite Greenhouses can definitely help guide you to the perfect plants that you’d enjoy. 

Wishing you a fun and fabulous gardening year!

For more information on Vite Greenhouses, check out their website at www.vitegreenhouses.com, their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ViteGreenhouses, or call them at 269.695.2959.

Jill K. McDonald is a freelance nature & travel educator, writer, photographer, and speaker. She can be reached by email at jillmcdonaldjkm123@gmail.com or connect with her on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/naturetravelerjillmcdonald.

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