Now That’s Funny! – Issue 06

by Thomas Hoyt

I am getting older. We all do. As we get older, our bodies get worn out. Even if you spend all your time exercising and dieting, ultimately death finds us. And that is okay. The older we get, the more we discover things that we used to do in our youth no longer interest us or become a bit too much for these older bodies to keep up. If you have ever seen the Lethal Weapon films, you know the character Sgt. Murtaugh who says from time to time, “I’m getting too old for this s!@$.” So, here’s my Murtaugh list so far.

  • Staying up past midnight
  • Roller skating
  • Drinking more beer than we ought to
  • Sledding
  • Playing computer games all evening
  • Playing sports that require much of you (football, baseball, basketball)
  • Heavy lifting all by yourself

Keep laughing folks! 😊

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