The Clark Barker – Issue 06

Not On My Grass!

As you all know, we have many squirrels and bunnies here in Buchanan. Well, I should also say, not just in Buchanan, but all over the world! My other doggie friends would have to agree with me that squirrels and bunnies are our favorite thing to run after whenever we see them. I do have to admit that I make it known to my humans when there is a squirrel in the yard, driveway, tree, or even across the street with my barking. It’s my way of saying “Hi,” (sometimes) or “Not on my grass!” My owners try to tell me that “It’s okay that the squirrels are out there and no you can’t go get it.” One time though, I was successful in getting a squirrel, but my human had to take me back inside so I wouldn’t do anything more to it. I was happy that I got it, but also sad as when I went back outside and couldn’t find it. I have noticed that these squirrels love to go up in the trees and they go up so high, find a spot to stay and look down at me. It’s like they are teasing me, as I keep my eyes on that squirrel no matter how long they stay there or when my human brings me back inside. And then when we go on walks, and if I see one on the sidewalk or in a yard I want to go after it, but my owner holds me back. Don’t these squirrels ever sleep is what my owner wants to know. I don’t think that they do, but perhaps at night time while I am sleeping. So, to all of my canine friends, good luck on getting a squirrel or a bunny!

Tough Squirrel, Photo by Nik Sanchez
Squirrel Sighting, Photo by Nik Sanchez
Bunny Friend, Photo by Nik Sanchez
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