Young Writer Spotlight – Issue 06

Photo submitted by Emma-lee Woodbury

Safety Tips for Mrs. Holloway’s Class!

Submitted by Emma-lee Woodbury, Fourth Grade at Moccasin School

The 3 B’s: 

You probably learned these rules in preschool or kindergarten.

#1 is Be Safe, being safe is very important. Some things you can do is push your chair in, walk and not run, and also you can be safe on the playground.

#2 is Being Respectful. You can be respectful to other kids or adults even if they treat you badly. You show them what a good person does. Another thing you could do is pick up trash that you find on the ground or floor. For example in the lunchroom if the lunch aids ask you to pick something up or be a little quieter don’t give them sassiness or talk back as you are asked.

#3 is to Be Responsible, something you can do is to be organized aka desk, locker, and reading bin.

Those are the 3 B’s.

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