Buchanan Farmers’ Market : Meet the Market – Issue 07

Hunter and Aleah at their booths; Photos submitted by Ashley Hanson

Up and Coming Young Vendors

Submitted by Ashley Hanson

The market boasts youth entrepreneurs, and with the second introduction of Farmers’ Market vendors, I will highlight 2 up and coming young vendors: Hunter, 11, and his sister, Aleah, 13. They are the 2 older siblings of a brood of 5. They own and operate H&A Farms. A small egg enterprise on the outskirts of town. Operated by Hunter and his siblings, but mainly Hunter.

Hunter and Aleah bring their wares to market weekly. Hunter of course brings eggs of varying colors and sizes. He has recently advanced his business from eggs to chickens of egg laying age. Aleah crochets saddles and bridles for toy horses, mainly American Girl Doll Horses, but not only that. She has a variety of colors and sizes as well.

I have come to know Hunter more this market season. He really won my heart the first market day. I lost 40 dollars and could not purchase eggs and all my other market needs, mind you, the first market of the season, you know I had tons to buy. Hunter spent the entire rest of the day helping me look for my money. At the end of the day, no money was found, he gave me eggs anyways to take home. He has ever since helped me every week bring out and put away the Big Blue Blocks for play time during market time. Hunter has told me all about his flock and we compare chicken stories weekly. He is already a great businessman and is very professional yet compassionate at such a young age.

Both, Hunter and Aleah, have many talents for children. Their mother, Stacie Rothrock, has instilled a wonderful work ethic in them already. Stacie homeschools all 4 of the kids. She says market days are mini vacations, as she leaves the little ones with Dad while she takes the older kids to work to sell their goods at the Buchanan Farmers’ Market. 

To meet Hunter and Aleah come down to the market Saturdays 8am – 1pm and pick up some amazing eggs and one of a kind hand made saddles. Located at the Commons, 122 Days Avenue. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the fun, we have an entire Saturday geared towards youth entrepreneurs, August 14. Check out the market Facebook page for more information on this event and others.

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