Buchanan Sports – Softball Escort

June 15 Escort photo from Buchanan City Fire Department Facebook

Softball Escort into Town June 15 2021

by Editor & Photographer Rebecka Hoyt

The Buchanan High School girls Softball team was escorted into town on Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 8:45pm with the City of Buchanan Fire Department and Buchanan City Police Department. It started at Harding’s going west on Front Street to the high school with the sirens blaring and lights on. The team was in the bed of the pickup truck and their families followed. They were greeted by young and older Buchanan citizens (or I should say, “The Herd”) with decorated signs, cheers, waves and hollars! Even Superintendent Patricia Robinson showed up as well. My family and I went down there and I did a Facebook LIVE video that you can view on our Facebook Page. It was quite an exciting time for me and at the end of the video, I almost lost it when I said “GO BUCKS!” It was a happy tear moment!

Buchanan businesses decorated windows, Photos by Rebecka Hoyt

Area businesses decorated their windows to cheer on the team before they left town on Tuesday. The Buchanan Chronicle wants to congratulate the Softball team on qualifying for the semi-state final at Michigan State University (MSU) at 3pm this Friday (June 18), and 5pm this Thursday (June 19) for the Baseball team at MSU. IF Softball wins on Friday, they will play for the MHSAA State Championship at 5:30pm on Saturday, June 19. IF Baseball wins on Thursday, they will play for the MHSAA State Championship at 11:30am on Saturday, June 19.


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