Local Family – Father’s Day

Father Tom Hoyt with daughter Julie Hoyt march with American Heritage Girls in the Buchanan Memorial Day Parade, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Dad’s Day Questions

by Buchanan Chronicle Team

In honor of Father’s Day (6/20/2021) we asked The Buchanan Chronicle team four questions about dads. All of our hard working men teammates also happen to be fathers and our hard working women teammates have fathers, so sit back, relax, and enjoy getting to know more about our team as you read through their answers.

  1. What is your favorite thing about being a dad? (Girls, What is your favorite thing about your dad?)
    • Tom: I get to spoil my daughter.
    • Jill: My dad always supported my love of nature! He assisted and allowed part of our yard to be tilled so we could grow a wildflower garden, where my early days of insect and wildflower ID began. We built bird houses and feeders together. And I especially have many years of fond memories raising monarch caterpillars into butterflies together. He even mowed around wild milkweed that grew in the middle of our lawn. I’ll always cherish those times!
    • Rebecka: My favorite thing about my dad is that he loves to tell his hunting stories over and over again. I never get tired of hearing them. When I was still living at home, we would take rides to look for deer, and we always started out at the gas station first for a small treat of chocolate covered cherries that they sold individually. My other sisters would get a Kit Kat bar when they sang the Kit Kat song! He also makes the BEST bonfires!
    • Jen: My dad’s sense of humor is the best, he’s all about telling stories to get others to laugh. One of our favorite things to do is watch silly movies, we have so much fun together!
  1. What are some things you wish someone had told you before becoming a dad? (any specific advice you wish someone would have shared?) [Girls, skip this question.]
    • Tom: When changing a diaper, watch out for squirts!
  1. Are there things you have discovered that you do that your dad did? Good or bad? (Doesn’t have to be related to how you parent.) [Girls, answer the same question.]
    • Tom: Ooooooooh…I find myself saying, “Does this belong here?  Then put it away.”
    •  Jill: In the past year, I’ve realized I’ve been taking my glasses off when reading, as I can see better. I never understood how he could see better with his glasses off and now I do, as I’m older and wiser than in my youth. Also I very much enjoy just sitting outside and listening to nature and feeling the peace, without necessarily doing anything else.
    • Rebecka: I took interest in golf and started using his golf clubs after he got a new set. He would always say, “Drive careful. Watch for deer.” Because of where we lived, it was common to see deer on the roads, and then I hit one with my first car while coming home late at night from work. And now I say the same thing! Also, to call around and get rates when you have to fix something on the car/house.
    • Jen: My sense of humor comes from my dad and I love to make others happy and laugh like him.
  1. Are there ways that you wish you were like your dad? (Girls, answer the same question)
    • Tom:  Maybe being more handy.
    • Jill: I’d like to learn to grill like my dad, as he truly enjoyed making great steaks outdoors. 
    • Rebecka: I would like to get a better golf score! He grills a lot and is good at it. I would like to try to grill more often.
    • Jen: My dad is the least judgmental person I’ve met and I could definitely benefit from being even more like him in that way.

From all of us at The Buchanan Chronicle to all of our readers out there, we hope you have a most relaxing and memorable Father’s Day this year!

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