Mayor’s Memo – Thank You

Thank You!

by Mayor Sean Denison

I wanted to send out a few thank you notes for this edition of the Mayor’s Memo.  If I somehow forgot to mention anyone – please know that your contributions are appreciated.

Thank you to the American Legion for the Veterans banners gracing our downtown and to the DPW for getting them installed before the parade.

Thank you to Chuck Falkenstein for the incredibly beautiful planters and to the Garden Club and numerous citizen volunteers for planting flowers throughout the community, they are beautiful.

Thank you to our City Fire Department for cleaning up and mulching at Firehouse Park, it too looks incredible.

Thank you to the Historic Preservation Society and its group of dedicated volunteers who keep Pears Mill in such an amazing condition.  This is such a valuable asset for the community and your work does not go unnoticed!

Thank you to Ashley Hanson for your work at the Farmers Market and the buzz that you have created on Saturday mornings.  Keep up the good work!

Thank you to all the folks that have worked to schedule an awesome lineup of events at the Common this Summer!  We are blessed to have such an incredible venue, and we appreciate all of your efforts to bring us quality entertainment throughout the summer season.

Thank you to our City Administration.  They have been working many long hours to get us where we need and want to be.  We appreciate all that you do and the sacrifices that you make.

Thank you to the Scarecrow Charities, the Chamber of Commerce, The Tree Friends, and all the others who truly do make Life Better Here!

Thank you, see you around town,
Sean Denison, Mayor
Buchanan City Hall
302 N Redbud Trail
Buchanan, MI 49107
Mayor Sean Denison, Spring 2021, Photo submitted by Sean Denison
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