A Note from the Editor – Issue 08

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor

It’s summertime in Buchanan and I hope that y’all are enjoying it now that Michigan is “Open!” My family and I were recently on vacation to southeastern Florida, and when we came back it felt like the foliage on the trees here in town has grown so much compared to what it looked like when we left! Hence, with all of that rain it would be expected, and it can stop any day now. I am glad to say that even though I thoroughly enjoyed our vacation, it is good to be back. We missed you Buchanan!

There are plenty of outdoor events that are going to keep you entertained or busy this summer. So please check them out in this issue or on our Facebook page. Just a reminder, you can print any article if you would like a hard copy.

In this eighth issue, we are starting a new section, “Puzzle Page” that is made by one of our new volunteers, Garrick Stubblefield. He will help you to keep your mind strong. Print them out and have a pencil ready for the kids and yourself! Garrick will also join the Sports Section with Nik Sanchez.

We will also start a comic strip that is done by Madelyn Kitchell, of Buchanan, who’s a student at LMC majoring in Graphic Design. I am excited for the fun that we are adding to The Buchanan Chronicle and we hope that you enjoy it in the “Nicest Place in America!”

Happy Readings,

Rebecka Hoyt

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