Buchanan Farmers’ Market : Meet the Market – Issue 08

Marco at the Farmers’ Market, Photo submitted by Ashley Hanson

Marco Micola von Furstenrecht

Submitted by Ashley Hanson

This week “Meet the Market” is featuring one of our regular vendors for many years, Marco Micola von Furstenrecht (say that 5 times fast…or one time slowly), co-owner of RaphaRoast, a small batch coffee company. Marco is a world traveler, visiting many places from Thailand to Lebanon, the Saudi Arabian Peninsula to Afghanistan…even trekking parts of Africa and Europe.  

Marco is a man on a mission, on a mission to spread the word of Christianity wherever he goes….and delicious coffee too. While serving many places in great times of turmoil, he always sought a commonality… which he found in coffee across the globe. He found that coffee was the one thing people from all over had in common.  

This common ground was part of his inspiration for creating RaphaRoast with his son, Michael.  RaphaRoast is a “boutique, small batch coffee roaster utilizing a fluid bed ‘Air Roasting’ system that extracts the unique profiles of the treasured beans that come to (them) from all over the world.”  In other words,  they roast and freshly grind the best coffee around that comes from amazing quality and reliably sustained beans from all over the world.  

Not only does Marco and Michael make incredible coffee, but they make sure they give intentionally with their charity. They contribute part of their profits to several organizations.  First being, One Child, a global organization for at risk youth. They provide children in parts of the world where they source their beans, with food, education and basic nurturing they might not otherwise receive.  Secondly, Rapha House is a non-profit that is committed to ending sexual trafficking and exploitation of children. The latest mission is International Roasteries,  RaphaRoast’s charitable initiative to build coffee groceries that will help specific countries around the world become self-sustaining. They will be donating their original coffee equipment to open their first mission base Roastery in Beirut, Lebanon.

Marco is a family man, married to his lovely wife Dawn of four years…four children and four grandchildren (yeah, I know he doesn’t look old enough.)  When I asked what his favorite thing to do was, he said “sit down over a cup of coffee and talk to people about what God is doing in their lives.” 

He has a load of stories he is willing to share with anyone who will listen. He also shares coffee (hot or his sought after cold brew) with everyone who wants a cup that comes to the market. So, if you see Marco on Saturday, definitely ask for a cup of Joe, and if he has any good stories to share…definitely ask about his camel.

Marco with his camel, Photo submitted by Ashley Hanson
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