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Ribbon Cutting Moment at The Yoga Joint, 10am Saturday June 19 2021, Photo by Jen Garry.

The Yoga Joint: New Buchanan Space Opened June 19 2021

by Publisher Jen Garry
Ulrike McCarty ready to teach in The Yoga Joint, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt.

“A Breath in the Right Direction”:

For Ulrike McCarty the long awaited day finally came Saturday June 19 2021 at 10am, when she tearfully wielded those giant scissors to cut the ribbon on her very own yoga space in downtown Buchanan. When her interest in Yoga began, the learning and training was simply for her own knowledge in her own personal yoga practice. As she learned more and more her love for teaching yoga to others emerged.

Entrance welcoming you into The Yoga Joint, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt.

Always eager to learn something new, Ulrike took up running in her 40s, finishing many races and even the Chicago Marathon. After an injury she really had to practice patience with her own body and its healing process. Part of this process was her discovery of Yoga, and its many benefits to the body at any age, stage, or ability. As she healed, her yoga practice evolved, and from this she developed her philosophy around how yoga is really for everyone at every level.

A single Wisconsin native White Pine was hand hewn into gorgeous live edge benches and shelving throughout, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt.

Most who strive to teach yoga will complete their standard 200 hours for certification. Ulrike finished those and wanted to learn more so she went back for another 300 hours, giving her the RYT500 certification through Yoga for Your Life Teacher Training School led by Kim Sellers and Kathleen Flanagan. She just loves to learn and attends as many workshops and trainings she can. After training with Melissa Christensen, Gabriel Halpern, Doug Keller, and Leslie Howard (among others); she added certifications in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Pelvic Floor Yoga, her registration with the Yoga Alliance, and her Reiki Practitioner status also.

Peaceful space currently used by Vickie Mitchell for Essential Oils, Reiki, & Body Work sessions, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt.

For several years around Buchanan, Ulrike has hosted Yoga classes and events. She’s held Chair Yoga at Buchanan Area Senior Center and Yoga on Common Ground at Buchanan Common. For a time she used a space in Buchanan District Library, all the while dreaming of a space of her own and keeping an eye on available spaces in Buchanan.

Ample storage of tools for guest use, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt.

Just as COVID slowed/stopped/closed/changed most everything, River of Life Yoga was flexible and adjusted likewise, by offering outdoor and virtual classes. Throughout this process Ulrike was actually able to find, purchase, and begin renovating her own space to achieve her own ideal yoga environment. October 19 2020 the exciting news was announced, she had closed on her new place. Winter 2020 gave her team ample time for demolition and renovation, and finishing work continued through Spring 2021. As COVID was addressed and subsided in our community, the timing was just right to finally open her bright new space as summer was coming into full swing!

Rebecka (above) and Jen (below) trying a pose Ulrike lovingly calls the “Yoga Lazy Boy” [so restful] , Photos by Rebecka Hoyt.

Buchanan Area Chamber of Commerce attended the River of Life Yoga Ribbon Cutting Ceremony while Ulrike skillfully cut the red ribbon, officially opening her dream space. An open house was held after the ribbon cutting, Saturday June 19 2021 10am-2pm, with light refreshments, drawings, and tours of the new space. Many from the community were there in support and many have inquired inside since.

Discover Yoga and Peace for yourself in this perfect environment.

Entry space inside The Yoga Joint houses many of Ulrike’s sentimental items and found objects including a large driftwood piece from the St. Joseph River by her house, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Get Involved in these Yoga Events:

  • Yoga on Common Ground, Tuesdays 7pm @ Buchanan Common
    • 4th Annual Community Outdoor Yoga Class – Bringing yoga to the community is the basic concept of this class. This class is sponsored by HONOR CREDIT UNION and therefore FREE 🙂 to participants. This is a family friendly event and this easy flow class is serving the novice as well as the seasoned yogi. Bring your own mat and any other props that you would like to use.
    • Facebook Event Link Here
  • Yoga on the Beach, Wednesdays 7pm @ Tower Hill Camp Beach on Lake Michigan
    • Summertime in Michigan is not complete without yoga on the beach. Join Ulrike for a 75 min easy flowing yoga sequence that will leave you feeling all the summer vibes. Bring your own mat or towel. 2 beach towels are suggested. I will meet you at the Tower Hill Private Beach Area. Fee:$10 cash or follow ticket link to prepay by credit card. Venmo is also accepted at @Ulrike-McCarty. Any questions please text or call Ulrike at 269-695-1171 (please keep in mind, cell service at Warren Dunes is next to nothing…please contact me before getting there.)
    • Facebook Event Link Here
  • Chair Yoga, Thursdays at 10am @ Buchanan Area Senior Center
    • Chair Yoga is an excellent way for older adults to loosen and stretch painful muscles, reduce stress, and improve circulation. It also reduces anxiety, helps lower blood pressure, protects joints, and builds strength and balance. This 60 min chair yoga class is provided to seniors and citizens of our community free of charge by the the Buchanan Area Senior Center. For questions regarding this class please call 269-695-7119.”
    • www.buchananareaseniorcenter.com
  • Hatha Yoga for Beginners & Beyond, Thursdays at 5:15pm @ The Yoga Joint
    • This class focuses on the foundation of the asanas, poses in our yoga practice .Learning to BE in the pose. This class is geared towards the beginner but is great for any yogi to build the foundation to a safe yoga practice. Carefully guided class focuses on each students ability. Props such as chairs, blocks are used to let the student safely explore yoga asanas, poses that may normally be inaccessible. This class is open to any level student that would like to explore asanas, poses in depth. This class will focus on pranayama, breathing, proper alignment in asanas, poses and meditation.
    • Class Link Here
  • Hatha Yoga, Saturdays at 9am @ The Yoga Joint
    • This class is open to all levels. Basic knowledge of asanas, poses is helpful. The student will be guided through a well rounded yoga practice that will leave them feeling balanced. Pranayama/breathing techniques, a slow flow sequence of asanas/poses, guided meditation leading to savasana/resting pose makes up this 75 min yoga practice. Exploration, variation of asanas /poses, use of props keep each class interesting.
    • Class Link Here
  • Truly Restorative Yoga, Saturdays at 10:45am @ The Yoga Joint
    • Let your body Rest & Digest in this Restorative Yoga Practice. Most poses will be supine. Resting into supports your body is allowed to relax and release. Each pose is held around 10 -15 min , allowing for only 4 poses per class. All props are provided. This class is open to all levels. Due to the limited number of students I can truly give my attention to this class does NOT allow walk-ins. Pre-registration is required and limited to 10 students. Please arrive 10-15 prior to start of class to get your space set up and settled.
    • Class Link Here
  • Sound Bath with Jenny Bergold, Thursday July 29 7:30pm @ The Yoga Joint
    • Bathe yourself in the vibration and sound of singing bowls & gongs. Immerse yourself in the healing sounds of two Paiste gongs tuned to the planets Uranus and Jupiter. Uranus to balance emotions and hormones. Jupiter to open and nourish the heart center. Based on ancient wisdom, the gong vibrates at the same frequency as the body allowing the body to heal itself. The gong balances the central nervous system and aids in deep meditation. Singing crystal and Tibetan bowls will also be added to raise the vibration and heighten the experience. You will rest comfortably on a mat supported with blankets and maybe a bolster similar to resting in Restorative Yoga. Dress comfortable and warm as you will lay still for the duration of class. We have mats, blankets, bolsters available to use but you may want to bring your own mat, blanket and props for comfort.
    • Meet the practitioner : Jenny Bergold (Jagatjeet Kaur) started practicing yoga in 1999 and teaching in 2009. Jenny discovered yoga to calm the body and strengthen the mind. Jenny has her 200 Hour Hatha certification from Heaven Meets Earth Yoga in Evanston, IL and her 200 Hour Kundalini certification from Spirit Rising Yoga in Chicago, IL. Jenny is also certified in Prenatal, Restorative, Yin, and Radiant Child Yoga. Jenny’s classes focus on the mind and meditation, healing the body through asana, and uplifting the spirit through inspiration.
    • Event Link Here

Schedule the following Services:

  • Private Yoga Session with Ulrike @ The Yoga Joint or Virtually
    • A personalized Yoga Session geared towards your needs, ability, goals. Whether you are new to the practice of yoga or are looking to further your current yoga practice, a private one on one session will be beneficial to you at whatever level you are.
    • Schedule Link Here
  • Essential Oil Therapy with Vickie Mitchell @ The Yoga Joint
    • Complete relaxation, healing power of the essential oils, BLISS. A relaxing essential oil therapy that consists of 7 different therapeutic essential oils. Strategically placed on the spine (sacrum to occiput), they are absorbed into the tissue by light touch, placing a warm damp towel on the back, covered with a heated pad. Further penetrating the oils, warmed stones are used to move the tissue and relax the muscles. The essential oils will travel to the area needed most. Complete relaxation, and the healing power of the essential oils are total BLISS. Sessions are approx. 60 min. allowing time of discussion before and after.”
    • Please book this service directly with Vickie Mitchell by contacting her at 269-363-4276.
    • Vickie Mitchell is Reiki Master & CMT for more than 25 years. Additional studies in Healing Touch, Polarity, Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Therapy. Over 30 years of Alternative Therapy & Wellness Studies.
    • Info Link Here
  • Reiki Session / Energy Work with Vickie Mitchell @ The Yoga Joint
    • Deep Relaxation….return the body back to balance… This type of Bodywork assists the body on all levels, physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. It allows the body and mind to quite and calm. It works with the body to disperse blocked energy, allowing the body to return to balance. Deep relaxation, a deepening of the breath and re balancing the energy of the central nervous system. This sets the stage for a healing experience. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. Sessions are approx. 60 min. allowing time of discussion before and after session.
    • Please book this service directly with Vickie Mitchell by contacting her at 269-363-4276.
    • Vickie Mitchell is Reiki Master & CMT for more than 25 years. Additional studies in Healing Touch, Polarity, Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Therapy. Over 30 years of Alternative Therapy & Wellness Studies.
    • Info Link Here

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