Local Charity – Annual Fill-A-Trailer for RAM

Caring Hearts

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer

Well, Eloise Herrick and Kate Holloway are once again hosting the “Fill up A Trailer for RAM” fundraiser and donation drive for Redbud Area Ministries. Their 2021 goal for R.A.M.  is to collect 1,400 items and $1,000! Their event took place on Sunday, July 11th outside the Buchanan Police Department and they also started a Go Fund Me for monetary donations for those who can’t physically drop off items. Also, they had a tent set up at the July 8, Thursday Summer Concert at the Common. I am happy to report after everything was counted up, the girls brought in 1,528 items and $1,050 in cash to be used for the R.A.M. Angel Fund! Way to go girls!

Team RAM with Jan, Eloise, and Kate; Photos submitted by Mimi Herrick and Heidi Holloway.

“Eloise Herrick and Kate Holloway saw the impact donations for RAM have on the local community when they met Executive Director Jan Nowak-Watlters at a Girl Scouts meeting. Since then, they’ve built a relationship with RAM, volunteering their time and energy to help the cause to help local families in times of need.” 

Car full of donation goods, Photos submitted by Mimi Herrick and Heidi Holloway.

Kate Holloway says, “I am excited to help Jan fill the shelves at RAM again. I remember when we went in there for a tour, and so many of the shelves were empty! I hope that we can help feed people that are hungry and need food.”

The girls with carts full of their donations, Photos submitted by Mimi Herrick and Heidi Holloway.

Quote from Eloise Herrick: “I like to collect and purchase donations for RAM because it makes me happy to know that I am doing something good for the community. They need our help! I think it’s important for us to come together to support our local friends and families.”

Eloise and Kate filling their Trailer, Photos submitted by Mimi Herrick and Heidi Holloway.

When they bring all of the donations to RAM, the girls volunteer as well.  “We volunteer one day a week to help stock the shelves. Sometimes we do it during Spring Break as well. It is always on our mind like one month before doing the food drive,” says Kate.

I wasn’t able to speak with Eloise as she wasn’t there on Thursday night, however her Mom Mimi Herrick said that “the community response is amazing!”

  • *PAST EVENT* – 3rd Annual Fill Up a Trailer for Redbud Area Ministries (RAM)
    • When: Sunday, July 11, 2021
    • Time: 5:00pm – 8:00 pm
    • Where: Buchanan Police Department on Front Street in Buchanan MI
    • Items collected: All boxed food items, canned goods, paper products, hygiene items and baby goods. Monetary donations will also be accepted.
    • What: Redbud Area Ministries is the local food pantry in Buchanan. Many residents rely on their services to help provide for their family..
    • RAM info: https://www.berriencommunity.org/help4her/redbud-area-ministries

About Redbud Area Ministries: RAM is an interdenominational and interracial ministry center started to organize the churches in the Buchanan and Galien School Districts to respond to individual and family needs.

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