Local Spotlight – Singer

Raquell George at Buchanan’s Memorial Day Parade, Photo by Nik Sanchez.

Voice of an Angel

by Nik Sanchez

Many wonder what it would take to be a town hero, to sing at a memorial day parade, or even at a high school graduation as you and your classmates walk across stage to begin another journey. One has – Raquell George, a graduating senior this year who has the town on notice as her wonderful singing voice echoes throughout.

Photo provided by Raquell George.

She has done the National Anthem for Buchanan’s Memorial Day Parade, sang at her high school graduation recently, and plans to sing next year at the Buchanan High School football games. She has a background in singing, and has many hobbies including gardening, participating in her church, and volunteering.

Photo provided by Raquell George.

She plans on going to Andrews University to start her beginning classes and has interest in being a pilot, an eye doctor, or a dentist. All fields require great skill and focus. Raquell has many family members that have joined the military and are honored at the veterans’ circle here in Buchanan. She is a huge football fan and likes to cheer for the Dallas Cowboys and hopes to watch them win the Super Bowl. Her dad (an ex-football player) gives her many inspirations to strive for greatness, as he was a former football star but gave it up for his family.

Photo provided by Raquell George.

She loves the beautiful town of Buchanan and has a simple message saying thanks to all that support her and continue to support her in accomplishing her dreams. Raquell lives by a quote by Coco Chanel, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”.

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