The Clark Barker – Issue 08

Have You Seen the Signs?

So, recently some of the downtown Buchanan light poles have new signs on them. They are the “No U Turn” signs. They are located on Front Street between the roads of Redbud Trail and Oak Street. These signs don’t have the typical “U” with the red line through it, they just say in a rectangle sized sign, “No U Turn” you may have to look for them, but eventually you’ll see them. So, please keep in mind to not do a “U Turn” on Front Street downtown as you could get a ticket. Just go down and around the next block to turn around.

Downtown Buchanan “NO U TURN” sign on Front St, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt.

Also, keep in mind the “Slow Down Children Playing” signs. Most of our streets in town have the speed of 25mph. That speed is posted for a reason, whether it’s residential, by a school, etc… And I am sure that you have seen the speed tracker displays. So, keep your speed in check! And just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean that you have to drive fast. Enjoy your drive the safe way. If you didn’t know, there is summer school going on this summer and school busses are transporting some very precious cargo.

“SLOW DOWN KIDS PLAYING” sign in Buchanan, Photo by Nik Sanchez.

Drive safe and I am excited for a car ride now! Woof-woof!

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