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Hannah Roberts at Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Photo from Hannah Roberts Facebook

Hometown Hero Brings Home Silver Medal

by The Buchanan Chronicle Team

Saturday evening (July 31, 2021) at Buchanan Common was hopping, when approximately 1,400 Buchanan citizens came out to watch Olympian Hannah Roberts earn the silver medal at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics! Most of our team was able to attend and experience this great community event together. Special thanks goes out to the City of Buchanan for supporting this watch party and to NBC for broadcasting the Olympics live (and for showing our Watch Party to the world, of record size we learned)! Below is some of the team’s reaction to the event and to Hannah winning the silver medal.

Hannah, we are SO proud of you, and even if you hadn’t received a medal, you were a spectacular representative of our country and our town!

Garrick ~ Hey Buchanan Michigan fans and surrounding towns and cities! We have a local hometown hero. Her name Hannah Roberts. Hannah qualified for the Olympics for a event she is very good at: BMX freestyle. She went to Tokyo 2020 with the ambition to medal, not only for herself but her country, the United States. Saturday, July 31 she earned herself a Silver medal in BMX Freestyle.

Tom ~ Wow Buchanan! I have to admit I thought I’d never live in a small town where one of its own becomes an Olympic Silver Medalist! All I can say is just…WOW! To Hannah, way to go kid! Being at the watch party was exciting to say the least. It was like a big block party. I wish Buchanan had more events like this, especially around the summer holidays like the 4th of July. Thank you to the Roberts family for putting this all together.

Rebecka ~ Being a part of this watch party and history being made was exhilarating for me that I am glad I got to experience it with my family and a great team along with our community. Being the photographer for the night at the party, I was able to get alongside of the stage and capture Hannah’s parent’s reactions as they watched Hannah intently on her first and second run of the BMX Women’s Freestyle. After the first run score of 96.10, I quickly went back to my team and family. The team was showing lots of excitement and I jumped up and down and hugged my husband, Tom! I had tears of joy as I am sure that I wasn’t the only one in the crowd. After her second run, Hannah placed second on an injured foot, wow! I had let others in my family know about this watch party and told them to tune in at 9:00 that night. When the event was done, I had to call my parents who live out of town, told them all about it along with my happy tears. They were able to watch some of it as it was a little tricky for them to find the live feed of the BMX Freestyle. My Dad said, “It’s just an honor to be at the Olympics.” And I told him “Yes, it is!”

Jill ~ First of all, a BIG shout out of Congratulations! to Hannah Roberts for qualifying for the Olympics and representing Michigan and our city of Buchanan!! That in itself is definitely noteworthy!! Congratulations as well on earning an Olympic medal!! Being part of Hannah’s watch party was an honor and an amazing experience! To see the community come out and support their Olympian was a beautiful sight!! And the turnout was also amazing!! The energy of the people was filled with great excitement and cheers! Watching Olympic history in the making in that atmosphere of support was definitely the Olympic highlight I will always remember!

Jen ~ Tears of pride definitely made an appearance while watching Hannah’s tremendous BMX run at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics! Personally I’m blown away when watching her just doing her thing, her talent and passion are undeniable! Hearing her speak about the sport and its past and current inequities was inspiring, she’s spearheading necessary change! YOU GO, GIRL!! Moreover, I was so very proud to see our Buchanan Common full of people once again, such a welcome sight after pandemic separations. Buchanan community really showed up to support our own Hometown Hero, GO HANNAH!!!

Our writers, Nik and Garrick, are planning a big write up on her when she returns to the states, planning to visit Buchanan in September. There is a parade planned for her arrival back home and as soon as we know details, we’ll share them. Until then we wait for her to come back home, so very proud.

Hannah Roberts honored by WNDU
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