Local Faith – Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Hoyt family window washing, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Washing Windows of Downtown Businesses

by Rebecka Hoyt, Editor and Photographer

If you saw some groups of people washing windows downtown Buchanan last Saturday morning, July 31, 2021 you were not seeing things. The Neighbors Helping Neighbors group and others from Buchanan Christian Church on 112 W. 3rd Street, provided a free service that has been happening for the last 5 – 6 years to those businesses that allowed them to wash their windows. Starting on the corner of Oak and Front Streets, the groups went down all of Front Street to Main Street, Days Avenue, and then to Red Bud Trail.

I had the pleasure of volunteering for the first time along with my husband, Tom and daughter, Julie. There were a total of 20 volunteers this year! “It’s nice to know that there are still people in this world willing to do the little things that make a difference,” says volunteer, Tom Hoyt.

Let me tell you, those are some big windows! Thankfully, it was a cool morning which helped in the 2 hour time-frame. I am sure that the businesses appreciate window washers. And we received many “Thanks” when we told them we were there to wash their windows!

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