Local Family – Fun in Buchanan Parks

Kids in Kathryn Park, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Kids Having a Blast in Buchanan Parks!

Submitted by Ashley Hanson

We have been having a blast at the parks throughout Buchanan this summer so far. Here is the run down so you don’t miss any of the events coming up.

Mondays at Ravish Park between 10am and noon is an art, reading, and nature program being put on by the Redbud Area Ministries team.

Tuesdays at Kathryn Park between 10am and noon is free time, play time. Both programs have snacks. On Tuesdays, however, Bucktown Nutrition donates Tea Bombs for the adults to have the extra kick needed for running around the park. August 17th is the last day for these programs.

Saturdays at the Buchanan Farmers’ Market, center stage are the Big Blue Blocks from 9:30 until 12:30…through October 9 (weather permitting).

Also, we are quite proud of all the things we have growing around town. Check out all of the community gardens throughout town, Victory Park, Kathryn Park, and the Common all have gardens that are intended for the community pick…when they are ready, of course. Feel free to weed or water any garden you feel needs it, but remember don’t pick it if it’s not ready. Check out the last picture for a unique fruit we grew…ZUMPKIN.

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