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Little Bucks Bookmobile

Little Bucks Bookmobile Summer 2021

Rebecka Hoyt, Editor & Photographer

For the last five years, Buchanan Community School staff have volunteered their time to the Little Bucks Bookmobile. The Little Bucks Bookmobile is an old school bus that was purchased from the St. Joseph County Library in South Bend, IN by the Ottawa PTO and also by donations from the following organizations/businesses: AEP, Buchanan Scarecrow Charities, Honor Credit Union, Michigan Gateway Community Foundation, Nulty Insurance, and many others in the community. In this bus, you will find a variety of books for children in Buchanan as well as some magazines that parents can take as well.

Little Bucks Bookmobile flyer

Each year, the Bookmobile sees 20-30 kids per week and 300 – 500 books that get into the little hands of our little bucks. Each kid can keep the books that they chose or they can bring them back if they want. Disney, Dr. Seuss and Jack in the Box are just a few of the popular books being asked for. If you have a younger child that is not in preschool yet, you can grab some toddler board books as well.

Bookmobile Volunteers L-R: Kelly Smith, Lisa Traeger, & Wendy Murphy; Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Wendy Murphy, Kelly Smith and Lisa Traeger were the volunteers at the time I visited them. They like it when they “Get to see the students that we used to teach and how much they have grown,” stated Lisa Traeger. Driver of the Little Bucks Bookmobile, Wendy Murphy said that “Some kids don’t have a library card so we bring the “little library” to them.” Monetary donations help the Little Bucks Bookmobile with the cost of maintenance and providing books to these eager readers. You may donate on the Bookmobile Go Fund Me website to keep it going each summer.

Magazine rack inside Bookmobile, Photo by Rebecka Hoyt

Little Bucks Bookmobile heads out to four locations in Buchanan at scheduled times on Monday afternoons throughout the summer. It goes to: Buchanan High School lunch, Riverside Estates, Hills Haven and Ravish Park. While summer school was going on at Buchanan Middle School, they headed over there on Thursdays. At the time of this issue being published, the Bookmobile had their last scheduled date this past Monday, August 16. So, be sure to keep this in mind for next summer and visit their Little Bucks Bookmobile Facebook Page for more details.

About Little Bucks Bookmobile: A group of Buchanan community members volunteered their time to start a book mobile. The Little Bucks Bookmobile is a travelling library where children can choose books to take home and read. It is completely free to families so if books are damaged or not returned there is no penalty or fee. Reading is a fundamental skill that children need to be successful but access to interesting and age appropriate reading material can be a problem. This is why we started this program. It is not currently receiving any funding so it relies heavily on donations and community members spending their own money on supplies.

Here is their GoFundMe Page.

Here is their Facebook Page.

Here is their Info on the Buchanan Community Schools page.

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