Now That’s Funny! – Issue 10

by Thomas Hoyt

Now here’s a story about my Grandfather, Chet Hoyt, who owned and operated a florist shop in Dowagiac, MI, long before I was born. This all happened sometime in the 1950’s when a circus visited Dowagiac.

They had a parade that passed in front of my Grandfather’s shop, Chet Hoyt Florist, on Division Street. In this parade was as you would expect some elephants. One of the elephants as it was passing by dropped a good load in front of my Grandfather’s shop.

So, my Grandpa Chet, being the good person he was, grabbed a shovel and took it out to the road and scooped up that pile of dung. Instead of simply burying this good “fertilizer”, he decided to put it to use.

Grandpa Chet went back into his greenhouse workbench and took a potted flower. He removed the flower plant from the pot, then cut off the bottom half of the soil and roots of the plant. He then put the elephant dung into the bottom of the pot, then placed the plant back into the pot over the elephant dung. He packed it down nicely, then wrapped it all up in a very nice bow and packaging. Grandpa Chet then sent this potted plant to the local attorney. 😎

A few weeks later Grandpa Chet received a phone call from this attorney telling him thanks for the flower and that it grew very big and beautiful, but for some reason it stunk really bad! 🤣

Keep laughing folks! 😊

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