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Back-To-School with Buchanan High School

by Editor Rebecka Hoyt, with excerpts from Principal Stacey DeMaio’s Parent-Student 2021-2022 Back to School Edition Newsletter with permission.


This school year, The Buchanan Chronicle will be spotlighting all of the Buchanan Community Schools, as well as homeschooling. Each building and homeschooling will alternate in the spotlight, giving four times throughout the school year for each. We hope that this will give you a chance to see what our students are learning and doing this year.

Oh, and just an FYI, each school is getting out 25 minutes early on Wednesdays, and there are more half days scheduled as noted in the Buck Bulletin each resident in Buchanan should have received in the mail. If not, you can view it on the school district’s website at https://www.buchananschools.com/ As this went to publication after school started this past Monday on August 30th, here are some things about the high school:

Buchanan High School hours are 7:40 AM – 2:40 PM (2:07 on Wednesdays).

Please welcome to Buchanan High School:

Jessica Elliott

Jessica Elliott

English Teacher

Eric Munyon

Eric Munyon

Spanish Teacher

Casey Fitzpatrick

Casey Fitzpatrick

Band Aide

Bryan Pearson

Bryan Pearson

Math Teacher

Course Descriptions & Academic Information Guide

Click on this link to the Course Descriptions & Academic Information Guide to view the current course offerings. Please note that this list of offerings may change depending on staffing availability and student interest. You can also find helpful information regarding graduation requirements, personal curriculum, certificate of completion, and testing out in this guide. All of this information can be found on our high school website under the Student Services tab at www.buchananschools.com.

College Applications

The guidance office can assist any senior with college applications, financial aid, and scholarship questions. A college application is never complete until your transcript is forwarded to the college. Please request all transcripts through the student’s Parchment account. Students will be instructed on how to set up a Parchment account at the start of the school year. The free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be available at http://FAFSA.GOV in October 2021.


The BUCHANAN PROMISE is available to all Buchanan seniors who meet the eligibility requirements: lives within the school district and is a BHS graduate. 2022 graduates can apply for The Promise scholarship after October 1, 2021. (For more complete information regarding the Buchanan Promise go to http://buchananpromise.com/.)

There are also many other scholarship opportunities offered to Buchanan seniors in addition to The Promise. As those scholarships become available for application, Student Services will email seniors and post on the Guidance website, and senior advisors will post the information on the Senior Website. It is the student’s obligation to follow through on these opportunities; please encourage your senior to use the resources offered to all BHS students to stay connected and informed.

Buchanan High School Contacts:

If you call our office, our phone menu has changed, please listen carefully to the new option. Please check out our new Facebook page and like us! BHS Facebook & @BHS_Bucks

High School #: 269-695-8403

  • (option #2) Stacey DeMaio, Principal
    • Abby Cantu, Administrative Assistant
  • (option #1) Brian Pruett, Assistant Principal
    • Anna Smith, Administrative Assistant
    • Miranda Capron, Attendance & At-Risk Interventionist
  • (option #4) Student Services
    • Brandon Flowers, Counselor
    • Sue Lentz, Administrative Assistant
  • (option #3) Mark Frey, CTE Director
  • (option #5) Karin Falkenstein, Special Education Director

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