Mayor’s Memo – They’re Baaaack

They’re Baaaack…

by Mayor Sean Denison

Our wonderful scarecrows have returned!  This year there are 240 incredible scarecrows all around town.  I have found my favorite – have you? 

These annual creations are so much more than just cute scarecrows, they represent everything that is good about Buchanan.  They are creative, artistic, and are assembled by an all-volunteer army of folks who want to give back to their community.  The money that they distribute to Redbud Area Ministries, the Art Center, The Lions Club, and numerous different scholarships is proof that good still exists. 

I want to personally thank all of the volunteers who make the scarecrows and all the folks who donate clothing, yarn, corn stalks, and other materials. We are blessed to have you fine folks in our community. Keep up the good work!

Mayor Sean Denison’s Scarecrow doppelganger, Photo from Sean Denison
Thank you, see you around town,
Sean Denison, Mayor
Buchanan City Hall
302 N Redbud Trail
Buchanan, MI 49107
Mayor Sean Denison, Spring 2021, Photo submitted by Sean Denison
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