The Clark Barker – Issue 11

What A Relief!

Hello there my canine friends! I took a little break for the summer, but I’m back now! I am surely enjoying this cooler weather we’re having, and I bet that you are too! As much as I love to go outside, those hot temperatures and humidity were crazy. My outside time was reduced while I was in the shade and had water, but to where I received enough fresh air and then went back into the air conditioning. I am so glad that my owners had the a/c installed this year!

My humans kept some of the blinds open so that I could still see what was going on outside and let them know who was out there! Now with it being cooler out, I am outside for longer periods of time, except for when the rain comes. I can’t seem to understand why my humans don’t want to go outside when it’s raining. However, sometimes it’s unavoidable! And then they have to put a special coat on me when that happens. I do appreciate it in the winter time though. Winter time, that’s for another Clark Barker in the future!

So, to my canine friends, appreciate this outdoor time that you get when the temperatures get cooler and enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

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